Quiz 181 – Science and Tech


When was “Uranus”, the seventh planet from Sun discovered?

(a) 1681

(b) 1785

(c) 1691

(d) 1781


It was discovered on 13 March 1781, by Willium Herschel. It was the first planet to be discovered by the help of a telescope. It has the third – largest planetary radius and fourth – largest planetary mass in the solar system.

Ans- (d)


The brain requires a continuous supply of oxygen that is provided by:

(a) Iodine

(b) Vitamins

(c) Hemoglobin

(d) Vitamin C

Ans- (c)


The ‘Red Data Book’ provides information about:

(a) Taxa in wild

(b) Threatened and rare species of Flora and fauna

(c) Taxa housed in national parks

(d) Taxa out of danger

Ans- (b)


The cross between a tiger and a lioness is called:

(a) Litigon

(b) Tigon

(c) Ligon

(d) Liger

Ans- (b)


ICFRE stands for :

(a) Indian council of Forestry Research and Education

(b) Indian Centre of Fodder Research and Economics

(c) Indian Council of Folder Research and Education

(d) Indian Centre of Forestry Research and Education

Ans- (a)


The scientific and objective study of animal behavior is or known as:

(a) Psychology

(b) Dendrology

(c) Ethology

(d) Etiology

Ans- (c)


On which day is World Forestry Day celebrated?

(a) 22nd April

(b) 21st March

(c) 22nd March

(d) 5th June

Ans- (b)

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