Current Affairs – 25 Nov 2017

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    Searching for Amazon over Google directs people to fake website

    • A fake advertisement reportedly led some users searching for “Amazon” on Thanksgiving to a scam website just before the Black Friday shopping frenzy in USA.
    • However Google has removed that fake advertisement.

    Supreme Court to examine the validity of Parsi Personal Law

    • The Supreme Court has decided to examine the validity of various provisions of Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act which force estranged couples of the community to go through a torturous exercise to get divorce.
    • The procedure under British-era law of 1938 is akin to jury decision and grants no access to mediation and settlement during a divorce petition before a court.
    • The court is hearing the plea of a Parsi woman who questioned the validity of provisions of Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act.

    Govt. conducts 12th meeting of Standing Committee of Inter-State Council

    • 12th meeting of Standing Committee of Inter-State Council chaired by Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has been conducted successfully.
    • The focus of the meeting was on cooperative federalism and harmonius relation between centre and states which was the priority of the Central Govt.

    Lucknow set to elect first woman mayor in 100 years

    • Lucknow will soon elect its first woman mayor since the Uttar Pradesh Municipalities Act 1916 came into existence.
    • In the forthcoming elections,the seat of mayor has been reserved for a women candidate.

    New species of Gecko detected in Andhra Pradesh

    • Scientist have discovered new species of Gecko in Andhra Pradesh.
    • It has been named as Hemidactylus sushilduttai or Dutta’s Mahendragiri gecko,after renowned herpetologist Sushil Kumar Dutta from Odisha.
    • Its the 32nd species of the house of geckos from India and second gecko endemic to this range.
    • It lies in the least concern in the IUCN status.

    SBI to launch YONO as its new digital platofrm

    • SBI has launched its new integrated banking and shopping platform named YONO viz You Need Only One as its new platform for customer services.
    • The platform will allow customers with smart phones to conduct basic banking like opening an insta account (with limited facilities) with the bank as well as make investments.
    • The platform will also allow users to shop at various online stores.
    • SBI will also sell its cards,insurance policie and mutual funds through this platform.

    Zimbabwe judge says military action against Robert Mugabe was legal

    • A High Court Judge in Zimbabwe has said that the military action against the Ex-President Mugabe was legal as it stopped takeover of executive functions by the non-elected individuals.
    • High court judge George Chiweshe ruled that the military’s actions “in intervening to stop the takeover” of Mugabe’s functions “by those around him are constitutionally permissible and lawful.”
    • This will certify the military’s statement that the takeover was not a coup.
    • However experts are sayoing that it will set a wrong precedent for the military to step in future.

    ISRO to help in maritime security through satellite imagery

    • Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is going to help agencies engaged in coastal and maritime security to track the movement of suspicous vessels through satellite imagery.
    • Under this new initiative ,ISRO will supply 1000 transponders by March 2018 for sate monitoring of boats.
    • This move will help in preventing the 26/11 type infiltration within Indian territories.

    Odisha allows gram sabhas to collect and trade in Tendu leaf, but with riders

    • Odisha govt. has for the first time allowed to collect and trade tendu leaves
    • However the Govt. has added some riders which includes that the local divisional forest officer will provide necessary transit permit books to gram sabha for sale and transport, the Kendu (Tendu) Leaf Organization of the forest department will provide training to villagers who will collect tendu leaves,etc.
    • The notification also sates that the forest department will conduct “systemic strip sampling” to assess how much tendu leaf can be plucked.
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