Improve Vocabulary – Words Indicating Places

A wide road lined with trees on both sides – Avenue, Boulevard

A place where Government records are kept – Archives

A place where animals are slaughtered for the market – Abattoir

A building for the lodging and accommodation of Soldiers – Barracks

The kitchen of a ship – Caboose, Galley

A place where soldiers are quartered – Contonment

A small bottle for holding sauces or condiments for the table – Cruet

A place for housing aeroplane – Hangar

A place where house refuse is reduced to ashes – Incinerator

A place where fruit trees are grown – Orchard

A place where astronomical observations are taken – Observatory

A place where water is collected and stored – Reservoir

A lady’s handbag or workbag – Reticule

A place where animals are kept alive and live as nearly as possible as in their natural state – Vivarium

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    • good observation. And plural of aircraft is “aircraft” itself, without suffixing s to it.

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