Improve Your English Vocabulary


1. Diaphanous :-

Meaning : Transparent
Usage : A diaphanous door.

2. Disport :-

Meaning : to smile
Usage : People disported themselves at the stage show.

3. Dulcet :-

Meaning : Sweet sounding
Usage : I thought I recognized your dulcet tone.

4. Despondency :-

Meaning : hopeless, sad
Usage : It is very difficult to come out from despondency after his father’s death.

5. Didactic :-

Meaning : a bitter; criticism in speck writing
Usage : Launch a diatribe against the government.

6. Exculpate :-

Meaning : Prove guiltless
Usage : The Supreme Court exculpated Sanjay Dutt from TADA Case.

7. Encumber :-

Meaning : to become burden
Usage : Travelling is difficult when you’re encumbered with heavy suitcase s.

8. Extol :-

Meaning : to praise highly
Usage : He was extolled as a hero.

9. Effulgent :-

Meaning : shinning brilliantly
Usage : The effulgent beauty.

10. Ephemeral :-

Meaning : short lived
Usage : Ephemeral mosquitoes during the rainy season.

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