Improve Your Vocab

The best English is the simple English. So it is better to use the small (simple) rather than big (not easy to understand) words, both in speaking and writing. You’ll find that it says…..

Big Words – Small Words

Impertinent – Rude, Irrelevant

Impetuous – Eager, Hasty, Sudden, Thoughtless

Jangled – Inharmonious

Kernel – Centre, Core, Heart

Labyrinthine – Confused, Confusing, Difficult

Lamentation – Complaint, sorrows, Grief

Languid – Faint, Exhausted, Weak, Weary

Platitude – Flatness, Generality, Jargon, Nonsense

Plebeian – Vulgar, Common, Mean, Low, Coarse

Plaintive – Sad, Mournful, Woeful, Sorry

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