1. Why should milk not be exposed to Sunlight? Because it

(a) destroy lactobacillus

(b) destroys the riboflavin

(c) collects micro organisms

(d) none of these


2. How many layers does the human skin consists of ?

(a) two

(b) four

(c) one

(d) three


3. With which animal’s heart the human heart closely resembles?

(a) Sheep

(b) Dog

(c) Cow

(d) Rabbit


4. When was the first weather observation satellite launched?

(a) 1 April, 1960

(b) 3 April, 1960

(c) 2 April, 1960

(d) 4 April, 1960


5. Which of the following elements is required in largest quantities by plants?

(a) Calcium

(b) Nitrogen

(c) Sulphur

(d) Phosphorus


6. When was the first total artificial heart implanted?

(a) 3 April, 1978

(b) 2 April, 1969

(c) 4 April 1978

(d) 4 April, 1969


7. Which part of the brain constitutes some 70% of the whole matter?

(a) Cerebellum

(b) Frontal lobe

(c) Medulla

(d) Cerebrum



1- (b)

2 – (d)

3 – (a)

4 – (a) The satellite, Tiros I, was launched from Cape Kennedy and made the first television picture from space.

5 – (d)

6 – (d) It was done by Dr. Denton cooley at the Texas Heart Institute, Houston, Texas. It was used as a bridge to heart transplantation.

7 – (d)

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