Quiz 230 – Science and Tech

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    1. Which vitamin is created in the body apart from being available in the nature?

    (a) Vitamin B

    (b) Vitamin D

    (c) Vitamin A

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    (d) Vitamin C


    2. Which disease is NOT controlled with the help of antibiotics?

    (a) meningitis

    (b) dysentry

    (c) pneumonia

    (d) child-birth fever


    3. In which year Pencillin was discovered?

    (a) 1928

    (b) 1921

    (c) 1927

    (d) 1926


    4. Which one of the following groups of drugs are used for the treatment of cases of allergy?

    (a) arythromyan

    (b) interferon

    (c) anti-biotics

    (d) antihistamine


    5. Who discovered germs as the cause of disease?

    (a) Lister

    (b) Simpson

    (c) Pasteur

    (d) Jenner


    6. Foot-and-mouth disease is that of –

    (a) pigs

    (b) fishes

    (c) fowts

    (d) cattle


    7. Lice is a –

    (a) bacteria

    (b) fungus

    (c) virus

    (d) tapeworms



    1. (b)
    2. (d)
    3. (a) It was discovered by Alexander Fleming. With it the treatment of anti-biotics began.
    4. (d)
    5. (c)
    6. (d)
    7. (d)

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