Quiz 240 – UPSC Previous Year’s Polity Questions

The power of the Supreme Court of India to decide disputes between the Centre and the State falls under its:

(a) advisory jurisdiction

(b) appellate jurisdiction

(c) original jurisdiction

(d) constitutional jurisdiction


As a Federal Court decides the disputes among the different units of Indian Federation. Units are (i) Centre and one or more states, (ii) Two or more states. This comes under the original jurisdiction of Supreme Court.

Ans- (c)


Of the four forms of political protests mentioned below, which one is derived from the name of the person, who used it as a political weapon for the first time?

(a) Boycott

(b) Gherao

(c) Bandh

(d) Hartal


It was capital Charles Kanigham Boycott of Ireland, who first used the term Boycott as a political right for non-reduction of land taxes.

Ans- (a)


The concept of public Interest litigation originated in:

(a) United Kingdom

(b) Australia

(c) The United States

(d) Canada


The concept of PIL originated in USA. It has developed recently in Indian. PIL means to bring justice to the door step to the citizens of country. It is a liberalized procedural.

Ans- (c)


The Constitution of India recognizes:

(a) only religious minorities

Only linguistic minorities

(c) religious and linguistic minorities

(d) religious, linguistic and ethnic minorities


The Constitution of India recognizes religious minorities and linguistic minorities. However the term minority is nowhere defined in the Constitution.

Ans- (c)


The Parliament can make any law for the whole or any part India for implementing International treaties:

(a) with the consent of all the State

(b) with the consent of the majority of States

(c) with the consent of the States concerned

(d) without the consent of any State


The Parliament is conformed to executive the International treaties. It is the sole authority to take decision in this regard.

Ans- (d)


The primary function of the Finance Commission in India is to:

(a) distribution revenue between the Centre and the States

(b) prepare the Annual Budget

(c) advise the President on financial matters

(d) allocate funds to various ministries of the Union and State Governments.


Finance Commission is constituted under Article 280. Its primary function is distribution of revenue between Centre and State.

Ans- (a)


Consider the following functionaries:

  1. Cabinet Secretary
  2. Chief Election Commissioner
  3. Union Cabinet Minister
  4. Chief Justice of India

Their correct sequence in the Order of Precedence is:

(a) 3, 4, 2, 1

(b) 4, 3, 1, 2

(c) 4, 3, 2, 1

(d) 3, 4, 1, 2


The correct order of Precedence is –

Chief Justice of India – Union Cabinet Minister – Chief Election Commissioner – Cabinet Secretary

Ans- (c)


The speaker can ask a member of the House to stop speaking and let another member speak. This phenomenon is known as:

(a) decorum

(b) crossing the floor

(c) interpellation

(d) yielding the floor


The Speaker stop a member of Parliament from speaking and let another member speak. This phenomenon is known as yielding the floor.

Ans- (d)


Consider the following statements:

An amendment to the Constitution of India can be initiated by the:

  1. Lok Sabha
  2. Rajya Sabha
  3. State Legislature
  4. President

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

(a) 1 alone

(b) 1, 2 and 3

(c) 2, 3 and 4

(d) 1 and 2


An amendment to the Constitution of India can be initiated by either House of Parliament (Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha) Art. 368.

Ans- (d)


State funding of elections takes place in:

(a) USA and Canada

(b) Britain and Switzerland

(c) France and Italy

(d) Germany and Austria


State funding of election takes place in Germany and Austria.

Ans- (d)

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