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    Quiz 245 – Science and Tech

    1. Bones move freely in a joint because the joint lubricated by –

    (a) plasma

    (b) synovial fluid

    (c) lymph

    (d) blood


    2. The clobw joint of a man is –

    (a) gliding joint

    (b) ball and socket joint

    (c) hinge joint

    (d) saddle joint


    3. Which one of the following is most harmful to human life?

    (a) parasites

    (b) fungi

    (c) worms

    (d) virus


    4. Food may be defined as –

    (a) Inorganic nutrients

    (b) any substance which can be eaten

    (c) Organic nutrients

    (d) Both organic and inorganic nutrients


    5. The most important item in a balance diet is –

    (a) proteins

    (b) water

    (c) vitamins

    (d) carbohydrates


    6. Colour blindness, albinism and haemophilia are-

    (a) genetic disorders

    (b) chromosomol malfunctioning

    (c) metabolic disorders

    (d) DNA


    7. The vein carrying blood from kidney is the –

    (a) renal vein

    (b) Iliac vein

    (c) hepatic portal vein

    (d) pulmonary vein



    1. (b)
    2. (c)
    3. (d)
    4. (d)
    5. (b)
    6. (a)
    7. (a)

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