Quiz 246 – Previous years Biology Questions With Explained Aswers

Which one of the following is a useful functional association between fungi and the roots of higher plants?

(a) Biofertilizer

(b) Coralloid root

(c) Lichen

(d) Mycorrhiza


Mycorrhiza is an association between the roots of higher plants and fungi. It is useful symbiotic relationship for both the partners. By it, plant gets mineral nutrition and fungus absorbs readymade food from plant.

Ans- (d)


The’ stones’ formed in human kidney consist mostly of :

(a) calcium oxalate

(b) sodium acetate

(c) magnesium sulphate

(d) calcium


Uric acid is relatively less soluble in water and may crystallize and gets deposited in the joints causing gouts. Excessive uric acid and certain salt like calcium oxalate become the source of kidney tones, when the kidneys are not functioning properly.

Ans- (a)


Which one of the following types of micro-organism is most widely used in industries?

(a) Bacteria

(b) Bacteria and fungi

(c) Bacteria and algae

(d) Bacteria, microalgae and fungi


Bacteria is used in manufacturing of vinegar and alcohol. Various algae are used as Single Cell Protein (SCP). Fungi is used in manufacturing of drugs like penicillin from Penicillium notatum.

Ans- (d)


Which of the following is a modified stem?

(a) Carrot

(b) Sweet potato

(c) Coconut

(d) Potato


Potato is a modified stem called as tuber. It is underground stem.

Ans- (d)


Besides proteins and carbonhydrates, other elements of nutritional value found in milk, include:

(a) calcium, potassium and iron

(b) calcium and potassium

(c) potassium and iron

(d) calcium and iron


Calcium and potassium are found in significant amount in milk. Ironpresents in green leafy vegetables.

Ans- (b)


Corpus luteum is a mass of cells found in:

(a) brain

(b) ovary

(c) pancreas

(d) spleen


Corpus luteum is yellow coloured mass of cells found in overy. Corpus luteum secretes progesterone hormone, which is essential for maintaining pregnancy and also called as “Pregnancy hormone”.

Ans- (b)


What is the average fat content of buffalo milk?

(a) 7.2%

(b) 4.5%

(c) 9.0%

(d) 10.0%


The average fat contant in beffalo milk is 7.2% which is higher than human milk. Lactose is higher in human milk than cow and beffalo’s milk.

Ans- (a)


Alpha-keratin is a protein, present in:

(a) blood

(b) skin

(c) lymph

(d) eggs


Alpha-keratin is present in high quantity in skin and epidermal appendages like hair and nail.

Ans- (b)


Which one of the following techniques can be used to establish the paternity of a child?

(a) Protein analysis

(b) Chromosome counting

(c) Quantitive analysis of DNA

(d) DNA finger printing


DNA finger printing technique is useful in solving the cases of rape, murder etc. Even traces of body fluid like semen, saliva are enough for identifying a criminal.

Ans- (d)


When ants bite, they inject:

(a) glacial acetic acid

(b) methanol

(c) formic acid

(d) stearic acid


When ants bite, they inject formic acid. Formic acid causes pain in the body.

Ans- (c)

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