Quiz 248 – Science and Tech

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1. Children generally are not affected by:

A. Measles

B. Mumps

C. Influenza

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(a) B and C

(b) B and D

(c) A and E

(d) A and C


2. Which of the following vitamins is essential for the formation of blood

(a) Vitamin ‘B’

(b) Vitamin ‘D’

(c) Vitamin ‘A’

(d) Vitamin ‘K’


3. About how many common dangerous snakes are found in India?

(a) About 50

(b) 1 or 2

(c) About 100

(d) About 4


4. The PH value of the drinking water should be

(a) Just below 7

(b) Equal to 7

(c) Just above 7

(d) None


5. Which of the following is Not among the commonest sources of the fluorine?

(a) Sea fish

(b) Tea

(c) Hard water

(d) Coffee


6. Which of the following diseases is Not caused by viral infection?

(a) Small pox

(b) Yellow fever

(c) Pneumonia

(d) Mumps


7. Why do rain drops assume a spherical shape?

(a) Because of the atmospheric pressure for all the sides.

(b) Because of the surface tension causing minimal surface area for a given value.

(c) Because of the gravitational force.

(d) Because of adhesion.


Answers: 1 (c); 2(a); 3(d); 4(c); 5(d); 6(c); 7(b)

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