Quiz 266 – Indian Polity (Practice Paper)

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    1. The President of India issues an ordinance when-

    (a) The Parliament is not in session.

    (b) The Government wants to hoodwink the Parliament.

    (c) The Parliament is not likely to immediately pass it.

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    (d) There is any danger to the nation.


    2. Union Territories demand statehood because of one primary reason. Identify it?

    (a) need not be always under President’s Rule

    (b) more financial resources

    (c) can have a Governor

    (d) more powers as a State


    3. The President of India-

    (a) need not accept the advice of the Council of Ministers

    (b) acts on his own when the Prime Minister dies.

    (c) may accept the advice of the Council of Ministers.

    (d) shall accept the advice of the Council of Ministers.


    4. The Governor-

    (a) cannot reserve any bill for the assent of the President of India.

    (b) can reserve a bill if the Chief Minister recommends such a procedure.

    (c) can reserve a bill for the assent of the President of India.

    (d) can reserve a bill if he suspects the sanity of the Chief Minister.


    5. The law of preventive detention empowers the executive to detain a person without the report of the Advisory Board for not more then-

    (a) two months

    (b) six months

    (c) one month

    (d) three months


    6.Which of the following points regarding President’s power to proclaim an emergency in case of failure of constitutional machinery in a State is incorrect?

    (a) It is imposed if the Government of a State cannot be carried on in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.

    (b) The Governor’s report should favour President’s rule.

    (c) The report of the Governor of the State is necessary.

    (d) It is imposed when a State fails to comply with, or give effect to any directions of the Union under the provision of the Constitution.


    7. As per the Constitution, it shall be the duty of every citizen of India to-

    (a) preserve social status and status quo.

    (b) strive for diversification of culture

    (c) develop scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform

    (d) None


    8. While the proclamation of Emergency is in operation, can the Parliament Legislate with respect to any matter in the State List?

    (a) It can

    (b) It can, after recommended by the concerned State.

    (c) It cannot

    (d) It can, if recommended by the Governor of the State concerned


    9. A national Government in a democracy is constituted when-

    (a) one party has secured absolute majority in the legislature.

    (b) the nation is attacked by another nation.

    (c) all parties decide to combine together.

    (d) the nation is faced with grove problems.


    10. The Chairman of the Advisory Board reviewing the detention of a person has to be-

    (a) retired Judge of the appropriate High Court.

    (b) serving Judge of the Supreme Court.

    (c) retired Judge of the Supreme Court.

    (d) serving Judge of the appropriate High Court.



    1. (a)
    2. (d)
    3. (d)
    4. (c)
    5. (d)
    6. (b)
    7. (c)
    8. (a)
    9. (d)
    10. (d)

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