Quiz 273 – Science and Tech

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    1. The present geological age is called-

    (a) Nuclear age

    (b) Pleistocene age

    (c) Biocene age

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    (c) Holocene age


    2. Colour blindness is a disease that is-

    (a) autosomal recessive

    (b) sex linked

    (c) autosomal dominant

    (d) none


    3. When a spectrum is displayed on a screen through a prism the first and the fourth colours starting from the base of the prism are-

    (a) red and green

    (b) red and blue

    (c) violet and green

    (b) blue and orange


    4. All bodies large or small fall under the gravitational force with the same-

    (a) acceleration

    (b) same momentum

    (c) velocity

    (d) same force


    5. Colour of glass is due to the intensity of-

    (a) non-metallic compound

    (b) an organic compound

    (c) metallic compound

    (d) none


    6. Which one of the following diseases is not air borne?

    (a) malaria

    (b) mumps

    (c) influenza

    (d) filaria


    7. The first law of thermodynamics implies that-

    (a) the temperature is constant

    (b) energy is conserved

    (c) no heat leaves or enters the system

    (d) all works are only mechanical



    1. (d)
    2. (b)
    3. (b)
    4. (a)
    5. (c)
    6. (d)
    7. (d)

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    1. questiion no- 3 is wrrong because when we decrease from vibgyor then 4 th colour is green which have maximum 4deviation towards the base to the prism

    2. question no six has to revise correct answer please dont give wrong question and answer for prepare well, this type question useful for drop marks from merit

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