Quiz 313 – Practice Paper

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    1. How many principal organs the United Nations (UN) has?

    (a) Four

    (b) Five

    (c) Seven

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    (d) Six


    2. Which among the following statements about United Nations General Assembly is incorrect?

    1. The UN General Assembly functions like a World Parliament.
    2. It meets every three years from September to December in New York.
    3. The first woman to preside over the UN General Assembly was an Lakshmi Pandit.

    (a) Only 1

    (b) Both 1 and 2

    (c) Only 2

    (d) All 1, 2 and 3


    3. Who among the following has the World’s largest humanitarian network?

    (a) (a) ASEAN

    (b) (b) The Red Cross

    (c) (c) OPEC

    (d) (d) ICJ


    4. Which one of the following UN Agencies works to help refugees?

    (a) UNHCR

    (b) UNHCHR

    (c) ICRC

    (d) None



    5. TRAFFIC’s headquarters is located in-

    (a) Africa

    (b) Asia

    (c) USA

    (d) United Kingdom


    6. How many members are there in the UN Security Council?

    (a) 10

    (b) 15

    (c) 20

    (d) 5


    7. International Cricket Council was originally founded by the member nations or

    (a) Australia and England

    (b) Australia and South Africa

    (c) Australia, South Africa and England

    (d) England and South Africa


    8. The International Cycling Union was founded in-

    (a) Paris

    (b) New York

    (c) Beijing

    (d) Tokyo


    9. UNDP’s headquarters is in-

    (a) Colombo

    (b) London

    (c) New York

    (d) Moscow


    10. UNIDO’s headquarters is in-

    (a) Vienn

    (b) New York

    (c) London

    (d) Moscow


    11. Transit- 1B is a navigational satellite of

    (a) USA

    (b) China

    (c) India

    (d) UK


    12. The first test of pasteurization was completed by-

    (a) Marie Curie

    (b) Philip Leder and Timothy Stewart

    (c) John Lynde and Dr. Carl Gassner

    (d) Claude Bernard and Louis Pasteur


    13. The term “wave mechanics” was coined by nuclear physicist-

    (a) Erwin Schrodinger

    (b) Albert Einstein

    (c) J.J. Thomson

    (d) WR Hamilton


    14. Who among the following became the first human in space?

    (a) Gabriel Leppman

    (b) Yuri Gagarin

    (c) Pierre

    (d) Carl Gassner


    15. The first X-ray three dimensional stereo fluoroscopic-system was installed for use in heart catheterization by-

    (a) Marx Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck

    (b) Claude Bernard

    (c) Richard J. Kuhn

    (d) William Rowan Hamilton




    1.(d) The United Nations (UN) has six principal organs: The General Assembly; the Security Council; The Economic and Social Council (Popularly known as an acronym ECOSOC); The Secretariat; The International Court of Justice (ICT); and the Trusteeship Council.

    2. (d) UN General Assembly meets every year from September to December in New York.

    3. (b) It caters protection to and help to people affected by wars and disasters.

    4. (a) The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee (UNHCR) was set up by the UN General Assembly on 14th December, 1950. UNHCR’s main objective is to protect refugees, and resolve their problems worldwide.

    UNHCHR: United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

    ICRC: International Committee of the Red Cross.

    5. (d) Its headquarters is located in Cambridge, United Kingdom. “TRAFFIC” as its name sources to suggest, has nothing to do with trucks, bikes, cars etc. As a wildlife trade monitoring network TRAFFIC works to make sure that trade in wild plants and animals be not a threat to the conservation of nation.

    6. (b) The Security Council has 15 members out of which 10 are temporary members are elected by UN General Assembly for two years terms. Decision of the security Council need nine votes.

    7. (c) ICC was originally founded as the Imperial Cricket Conference in 1909 by representatives from England, South Africa and Australia. In 1965 it was renamed as International Cricket Conference and assumed its current name in 1989.

    8. (a) The International Cycling Union, a professional cycling organization, was founded on 14 April 1900. Its function is to monitor competitive cycling events in the International community.

    9. (c) UNDP (United Nations Development Progamme) ,the UN’s global development network, has country offices in 166 countries and is funded entirely by voluntary contributions from its member nations.

    10. (a) UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) is working with an aim to reduce poverty in developing countries through industrial growth. It was set-up in 1966 and got the status of a specialized agency in 1985.

    11. (a) It is the first US navigational satellite. It was launched from Cape Canaveral on 13 April, 1960.

    12. (d) The test was completed on 20 April, 1902.

    13. (a) The term was coined in the letter Erwin Schrodinger, on 28 April, 1932, sent to Albert Einstein.

    14. (a) On 12 April, 1961, he became the first human in space, making a 108-minute orbit flight in his Vostok 1 Spacecraft. He was a Russian cosmonaut.

    15. (c) This feat was performed on 15 April, 1966.

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