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    1. Which of the following banks has joined hands with IRCTC under an agreement that would permit flyers to book tickets by using IRCTC website?

    (a) Pawan Hangs

    (b) AAI

    (c) Lafarge India

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    (d) Kingfisher


    2. Which one of the following groups is at the centre of recently Lok Sabha Passed Constitution Amendment Bill 2016?

    (a) Senior Citizen

    (b) Women

    (c) Schedule Caste

    (d) Minor


    3. Which of the following country’s telecom firms has signed jointly with Cuban firms and agreement to establish direct international voice traffic, basically in incoming and outgoing calls?

    (a) Africa

    (b) Germany

    (c) Australia

    (d) US


    4. Who among the following has been suspended by United Nations Development Programme as its Goodwill Ambassador?

    (a) Maria Sharapova

    (b) Ronaldo

    (c) David Bekham

    (d) Sania Mirza


    5. Who among the following was former Mexican National Football Team Coach?

    (a) Pavel Pardo

    (b) Raul Cardenas

    (c) Jorge Campos

    (d) Carlos Salcido


    6. At which of the following places the President Pranab Mukherjee hounered 56 eminent personalities with Padma Awards?

    (a) Rashtrapati Bhawan

    (b) Central Secretariat

    (c) Shashtri Bhawan

    (d) Jawahar Bhawan


    7. Which among the following Oscar Winning US actresses died recently in Idaho?

    (a) Maggie

    (b) Kate Winslet

    (c) Patty Duke

    (d) Lucy Wegger


    8. Who among the following has written the book “Jihadist threat to India”?

    (a) Sultan Raja Ali

    (b) Aman Hussain

    (c)  Nawab Ali Shah

    (d) Tufail Ahmad


    9. The New President of Vietnam is

    (a) Tran Dai Quang

    (b) Ton Duc Thang

    (c) Trurong Chinh

    (d) Truong Tan Sang


    10. Which of the following banks has recently initiated “No QUEUE” Mobile App for the convenience of its consumers?

    (a) SBI

    (b) Axis Bank

    (c) HDFC

    (d) ICICI



    1. (a)

    2. (c)

    3. (d)

    4. (a)

    5. (b)

    6. (a)

    7. (c)

    8. (d)

    9. (d)

    10. (a)

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