Quiz 366 – Practice Paper (Miscellaneous)

1. In which of the following years was the 7th Pay Commission was formed?

(a) 2005

(b) 2016

(c) 2013

(d) 2014


2. Which of the following States tops the list of the “Give-it-Up” campaign launched by the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi?

(a) Maharashtra

(b) Delhi

(c) Uttar Pradesh

(d) Tamil Nadu


3. Nearly Rs. 5,000 crore of subsidy saved through the ‘Give-it-Up’ campaign is being used

(a) for strengthening the Ministry of Petroleum

(b) for expanding the Prime Minister’s ‘Rahat Kosh’

(c) to provide LPG connection to the BPL households.

(d) for making houses for the homeless people living in metropolitan cities.


4. Mobile Money Identifier (MMID) is a

(a) Six digit number

(b) Seven digit number

(c) Eight digit number

(d) Ten digit number


5. Who among the following Parliamentarians has been conferred Skoch Lifetime Achievement Award, 2015-16?

(a) Ravi Shankar Prasad

(b) Rajnath Singh

(c) M Venkaiah Naidu

(d) Uma Bharti


6. Who among the following inaugurated the world Sufi Forum organized in New Delhi?

(a) Shri Narendra Modi

(b) Sonia Gandhi

(c) Rahul Gandhi

(d) Najma Heptullah


7. When the HTT-40 (Hindustan Turbo Trainer-40) made its inaugural flight?

(a) June 15, 2016

(b) June 16, 2016

(c) June 17, 2016

(d) June 18, 2016


8. Who among the following nations won the Asia Nations Cup Chess Championship, 2016?

(a) China

(b) India

(c) Mongolia

(d) UAE


9. Who among the following recently became the first bowler to take 300 wickets in T20s?

(a) Harbhajan Singh

(b) Lasith Malinga

(c) Dwayne Bravo

(d) Shahid Afridi


10. Who among the following international cricketers was named the Wisden’s Leading Cricketer in the World for the year 2015?

(a) Virat Kohli

(b) Kumar Sangakara

(c) Brendon McCollum

(d) Kane Williamson



  1. (d) It was formed in February, 2014 and was headed by Justice A.K. Mathur. The Government of India constitutes the Pay Commission almost every 10 years to revise the pay scale of its employees and quite often the recommendations of these Central Pay Commissions are adopted by States after some modifications.
  2. (a) In the one year since its launch in January 2015 the ‘Give-it-Up’ campaign seeking the well-heeled to voluntary surrender cooking gas subsidies, 1.13 crore people had given-up their subsidies. Uttar Pradesh stands second in the list. Five states-Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu- accounted for roughly half of the people who gave up ‘subsidies’.
  3. (c)
  4. (b) MMID number is used by banks for effecting financial transactions through the user’s mobile phone. It is uniquely linked with the user’s bank account number and is one of the key inputs to facilitate fund transfer.
  5. (c) He was selected for this Scotch Challenger Award for his contributions to inclusive growth and toward poverty alleviation in India in India. These awards were instituted in India in 2003 as the highest independently instituted civilian honours.
  6. (a) It was a four day event organized by All India Ulama and Mashaikh Board (AIUMB) that began on 18 March, 2016. In the meeting the Participating members discussed on how Sufi teaching can prevent global terrorism.
  7. (d) It is India’s indigenous basic trainer aircraft. It is a two seater aircraft that is designed and developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.
  8. (b) It was held in Abu Dhabi in which India team won all its matches; the team defeated even strong team like China, that stood second.
  9. (c) By taking the 300th wicket he went past Lasith Malinga’s 299 wickets in T20s international.
  10. (d) He was selected by Wisden editor Lawrence Booth for the award that has been conferred in various format since 1889.

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