1. Which one of the following statements best defines environment pollution?

(a) It is a study of water pollution.

(b) It is a study of land pollution.

(c) Pollution is an undersirable change in the main characteristics of our land, air and water that may harmfully affect human life or other desirable species.

(d) It is a study of Air pollution.


2. What happens to the amount of energy as it is passed on from one trophic level to another in an ecosystem?

(a) It first increases and then decreases.

(b) It remains constant.

(c) It decreases.

(d) It increases.


3. The most important factor that led to settled life in Neolithic was

(a) Discovery of fire.

(b) Improved methods of hunting.

(c) Agricultural development.

(d) Beginning of community life.


4. The Equatorial lowlands have very low density of population. This is mainly because

(a) The Equatorial climate is very enervating.

(b) The Equatorial vegetation is very dense.

(c) The Equatorial regions have varying amount of rainfall.

(d) The Equatorial regions are very poor in resources.


5. One of the greatest migrations took place from Ireland in the mid 19th century towards the New World. This was caused by

(a) unemployment caused by potato blight.

(b) fear instilled in the minds of the people by Tsunami.

(c) unemployment caused by cyclonic activity.

(d) an epidemic.


6. OTEC power plants can only be found in

(a) Polar regions

(b) Temperate regions

(c) Equatorial regions

(d) Tropical regions


7. The famous ‘boat people’ refers to

(a) Vietnamese who live on boat as they are fishermen.

(b) Some wealthy businessmen who lived on boat.

(c) The fishermen of Vietnam.

(d) Refugees of Vietnam who fled on to the open ocean on large rafts.


8. Arrange the following in chronological order from oldest to youngest

  1. Deccan Trap
  2. Shillong Shelf
  3. Eastern Ghats
  4. Aravalli

(a) 1-2-3-4

(b) 2-1-3-4

(c) 4-3-1-2

(d) 4-3-2-1


9. Which of the following is the most important factors for the high literacy in the south-western coastal regions of India?

(a) Caste structure.

(b) High urbanization.

(c) High number of Christian population.

(d) Coastal location.


10. Antigen is a substance which

(a) Stimulates formation of antibody.

(b) Lowers body temperature.

(c) Is used to treat poisoning.

(d) Destroys harmful bacteria.


11. Assertion (A): A chemical reaction becomes faster at higher temperatures.

Reason (R): At higher temperatures, molecular motion becomes more rapid.

(a) A and R are true but R is the correct explanation of A.

(b) A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A.

(c) A is true but R is false.

(d) A is false but R is true.


12. Alizarin and iron oxide both imparts red color which of the following could differentiate between these also

(a) Iron oxide is pigment whereas alizarin is a dye.

(b) They both are pigments.

(c) They both are dye.

(d) Iron oxide is a dye whereas alizarin is a pigment.


13. Consider the following statements:

  1. SLV-4 is the first satellite launch vehicle.
  2. INS Vinash is the first missile boat naval ship.
  3. Agni is the first intermediate range ballistic range missile of India.
  4. Akash is the first long range multi-target missile of India.

Select the correct statement(s) is/are

(a) Both 1 and 3

(b) 1, 3 and 4

(c) 2, 3 and 4

(d) All of these.


14. Match the followings:

List – I (Aircrafts)

A. Typhoon

B. Ilysin

C. Grippen

D. Rafale

List – II (Manufacturer/Country of origin)

  1. Eurofighter
  2. Russia
  3. France
  4. Sweden

Codes: A – B – C – D

(a) 1 – 2 – 3 – 4

(b) 1 – 3 – 4 – 2

(c) 3 – 1 – 4 – 2

(d) 4 – 3 – 2 – 1


15. Assertion (A): Coal-based thermal power stations contribute to acid-rain.

Reason (R): Oxides of carbon are emitted when coal burns.

(a) A and R are true but R is the correct explanation of A.

(b) A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A.

(c) A is true but R is false.

(d) A is false but R is true.



  1. (c)
  2. (c)
  3. (c) Its agriculture developed, agriculture activities, who led to settled agriculture and even first cities.
  4. (a) The equatorial climate saps the energy, makes the people lethargic, is full of problems, has dense vegetation, causing problems in opening of the region and development Consequently the propensity of the people to concentrate in the region is not very high.
  5. (a)
  6. (d) OTEC utilizes temperature difference between upper and lower layers of oceans. Such temperature differences are found only in tropical countries and not in temperate countries.
  7. (d)
  8. (d) Arvalli formation began with Archaean and continued till late Proterozoic, while the Eastern Ghats formation began with PRoterozoic, the Shillong plateau during early Palaeozoic and the Deccan Trap formed during Cretaceous.
  9. (c)
  10. (a)
  11. (b)
  12. (a)
  13. (c)
  14. (a)
  15. (d)

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