Remember Vocabulary

Simple English is the best English. So it has been wisely said that it is better to use the small (simple) words rather than big (complicated words, both in speaking and writing).

Big Words – Small Words

Enmesh – Entangle, Net, Trap

Enfranchise – Free, Liberate, Release

Effluvium – Smell, Stench, Stink

Enviable – Happy, Pleasant, Desirable

Expostulation – Objection, Protest

Exiguous – Small, Slim, Slender

Entrée – Entrance, Admission

Epoch – Age, Era, Time

Emulation – Competition, Rivalry, Strike

Effusion – Discharge, Emission, Waste

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  1. the spelling of effluvium is wrong. There isn’t any word as EFFUVIUM..its EFFLUVIUM and not ‘EFFUVIUM’.

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