Quiz 192 – Science and Tech

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    1. When was first rocket launched?

    (a) March 16, 1925

    (b) March 16, 1926

    (c) March 16, 1927

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    (d) March 20, 1926

    Related Information (RI): this rocket covered a distance of 55 mt. in space. This feat was done by Goddard.


    2. When was Would Wildlife Fund (WWF) for Nature formed?

    (a) 1964

    (b) 1963

    (c) 1962

    (d) 1961

    RI: The principal aim of this organization is to collect funds for the conservation operations throughout the world.


    3. When was Albert Einstein born?

    (a) 14 March, 1879

    (b) 14 March 1878

    (c) 15 March 1879

    (d) 20 March 1879

    RI: He developed the general theory of relativity.


    4. In which year was the evidence found that the water once existed on the Red Planet (Mars)?

    (a) 2 March 2004

    (b) 2 March 2003

    (c) 2 March 2005

    (d) 2 March 2001

    RI: The evidence was found by “The Mars Exploration Rover – B (Opportunity)”.


    5. When was the Vienna Convention for the Protection of Ozone Layer adopted and opened for signature?

    (a) 22 March, 1960

    (b) 21 March, 1961

    (c) 20 March, 1960

    (d) 23 March, 1960


    6. When was the first human made spacecraft to go into the orbit around the Moon launched?

    (a) 30, March 1966

    (b) 29 March, 1966

    (c) 28 March, 1966

    (d) 31 March, 1966

    RI: Its name was ‘Luna 10’.


    7. In which year was the invention of the “phototransistor” announced?

    (a) 1950

    (b) 1951

    (c) 1949

    (d) 1952

    RI:  It was announced in New Jersey by its inventor Murry Hill. A “phototransistor” is a light-sensitive transistor that converts light energy into electric energy.


    Ans- 1 – (b), 2 – (d), 3 – (a), 4 – (a), 5 – (a), 6 – (d), 7 – (a)


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