Quiz 195 – Science and Tech

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    1. When was the word “Robot” introduced for the first time ?

    (a) 1916

    (b) 1920

    (c) 1921

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    (d) 1925

    Related Information (RI): Robot is a Czech word that means “Slave”. It was first introduced by Karel Czech in his hit play R.U.R.(Rossum’s Universal Robots).


    2. When was the construction of human-like robot began/started?

    (a) 1975

    (b) 1973

    (c) 1974

    (d) 1976

    RI: It was started at the Waseda University in Tokyo. Wabot-1 was the first humanoid robot.


    3. When was the first robotic turtles built?

    (a) 1940s

    (b) 1930s

    (c) 1950s

    (d) 1960s

    RI: Willia Gray Walter built some of the first robotic turtles.


    4. Which country is the giant in the field of robotics?

    (a) China

    (b) USA

    (c) Russia

    (d) Japan

    RI: At present, at least half of the more than million industrial robots in use are Japanese.


    5. When had a chess playing computer beaten world chess champion Garry Kasparov in a game?

    (a) 11 May 1997

    (b) 10 April 1997

    (c) 21 March 1997

    (d) 20 March 1997

    RI: This computer was named Deep Blue.


    6. When was an electro-mechanical mouse was invented?

    (a) 1938

    (b) 1937

    (c) 1939

    (d) 1935

    RI: It was invented by Claude Shannon.


    7. When was the very first industrial robot was introduced?

    (a) 1937

    (b) 1938

    (c) 1939

    (d) 1935

    RI: It was a crane like device that could stack wooden blocks in a programmed pattern.

    Answers:- 1)- (c) ; 2)- (b) ; 3)- (a) ; 4)- (d) ; 5)- (a) ; 6)- (a) ; 7)- (a)

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