Quiz 197 – Science and Tech

1. In which year were the Two Vertical bars II, the notations used for the absolute value, introduced?

(a) 1831

(b) 1838

(c) 1840

(d) 1841

Related Information(RI): They were introduced by Karl Weierstrass. He was a German mathematician.


2. Study of fossils is termed :

(a) Ethology

(b) Palaeontology

(c) Anthropology

(d) Tectology


3. The most accepted theory of origin of life is :

(a) Theory of Panspermia

(b) Theory of Special creation

(c) Naturalistic Theory

(d) Theory of Catastrophism


4. What is the unit of evolution in modern synthetic theory?

(a) Species

(b) Individual

(c) Genus

(d) Population


5. Who was the founder of Set-Theory?

(a) Bertrant Russell

(b) Georg Ferdinand Cantor

(c) Karl Theodor

(d) Michael Flash

RI: He was a renowned German mathematician. He also initiated the use of curly brackets {} for “Set”     notation.


6. Who was the English mathematician who first used the accepted proportionality sign?

(a) William Emerson

(b) Max Born

(c) John Wallis

(d) James Stirling

RI: He used it in 1768.


7. Organ of new species and genre is termed :

(a) Mega evolution

(b) Macro evolution

(c) Progressive evolution

(d) None of these

Answers :-  1)- (d) ; 2)- (b) ; 3)- (c) ; 4)- (d) ; 5)- (b) ; 6)- (a) ; 7)- (b)

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