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British Empire in India

How East India Company Established British Empire in India? Explained.

Early Activities of the East India Company 16. The arrival of British Empire in India goes back to the early part of the seventeenth century....

India’s Freedom Struggle – On a Timeline

India's Freedom Struggle was not just an event but a phenomenon that came to light from time to time. In ancient times, people from all...

Impact of Colonial Rule over India

Western View Point What has been the impact of British rule over India? It must be clearly stated that sharp differences have always existed, and...

Phases of British Rule in India

The twin processes of drain and de-industrialization were carried out extensively through the various stages of British rule in India (colonial rule). In the beginning The...
Lord Irwin

British Rule – Lord Irwin (1926-31)

While the British Rule Lord Irwin was the Governer General. Two major events that took place during Lord Irwin time was Simon Commission visited India in 1928 and...
Lord Reading

British Rule – Lord Reading (1922-26)

While the British Rule Lord Reading was the Governor General. Lord Reading suppressed the noncooperation movement with iron hands and engineered a series of communal riots...
Lord Chelmsford

British Rule – Lord Chelmsford (1916-22)

While the British Rule Lord Chelmsford was the Governer General. A strong anti-British feeling generated among Muslims on account of war between Britain and...
Lord Hardinge II

British Rule – Lord Hardinge II (1910-16)

During Lord Hardinge II tenure. King George V accompanied by Queen Mary visited India in December 1911 as a consequence of which the seat of...
Lord Minto II

British Rule – Lord Minto II (1905-10)

Lord Minto II tried to sow the seed of discord between Muslims and Hindus and he indirectly instigated Muslims to demand separate electorate. Foundation of...
Lord Curzon

British Rule – Lord Curzon (1899-1905)

While the British Rule Lord Curzon was the Governer General. Tibet expedition : In 1904 Lord Curzon sent a military mission to Tibet under the command...
Lord Lansdowne

British Rule – Lord Lansdowne (1888-94)

Lord Lansdowne succeeded Lord Dufferin in 1888. During his tenure, the second Indian Councils Act was passed in 1892 to meet the demand of...

British Rule – Lord Dufferin (1884-88)

During Lord Dufferin regime entire Burma was annexed in 1887. Birth of Indian National Congress : The educated Indians being dissatisfied with the provisions of Indian...



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