Terms Related to Medical

A disease affecting many persons at the same place and time – Epidemic

Free or exempt from infection – Immune

The mark or scar left after a wound is healed – Cicatrice, Cicatrix

A substance which destroys or weakens germs – Antiseptic

A medicine that alleviates pain – Anodyne

To disinfect by smoke – Fumigate

A medicine to cause vomiting – Emetic

Affecting the lungs – Pulmonary

The science of diseases of the human body – Pathology

The mosquito that transmits faleria – Culex

A cure for all diseases – Panacea

The mosquito that transmits yellow fever – Stegomyia

A disease confined to a particular district or place – Endemic

A disease widely epidemic – Pandemic

A medicine to counteract poison – Antidote

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