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Simple English is the best English. So it has been wisely said that it is better to use the small (simple) words rather than big (complicated words, both in speaking and writing).

Big Words – Small Words – Words with opposite meaning

 Big Words Small Words Words with Opposite Meaning
Vituperate  Abuse, blame, denoune  Praise, approve
 Vocation  Trade, profession, pursuit
 Mercurial  Changeable, inconstant, unsteady  Steady, firm
 Malevolent  Bitter, deadly, poisonous  Mild, gentle
 Probity  Goodness, purity, merit  Vice, defect, evil
 Malignant  Spiteful, unruly, contrary   Friendly, favourable
 Rancorous  Merciless, relentless, unforgiving  Forebearing, Kind
 Vindicate  Support, justify, uphold  Destroy, blame
 Vexatious  Provoking, annoying, troublesome  Pleasing, acceptable
 Verve  Energy, spirit, vigour  Apathy, coldness

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