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a.c.- alternating current

amp.- ampere

a.m.u- atomic mass unit

b.p.- boiling point

B.P.- blood pressure

B.Th.U.- British Thermal Unit

C- centrifuge

Cg- centigram

c.g.s., C.G.S.- centimetre-gram-second

cm- centimetre

cu- cubic

d.c. direct current

e.m.f., E.M.F.- electromotive force

ev, e.v.- electromotive vole

F- Fahrenheit

f.p.s., F.P.S.- foot-pound-second

ft-c.- foot-candle

g- acceleration due to gravity

gm- gram

H.C.F.- Highest Common Factor

H.P.- Horse Power, Harmonic progression

h.p.- hydrostatic  pressure

kg.- kilogram

km- kilometer

kw, KW- kilowatt

KWH, kwhr – kilowatt-hour

m- metre

mkg, m-kg – metre kilogram (unit of work)

mg- milligram

ml- milliliter (one thousand of a litre)

m.k.s., M.K.S –  metre -kilogram-second

mm – millimetre (one thousand of a meter)

mmf – magnetomotive force melting

m.p- melting point

n.t.p., N.T.P.- normal temperature and pressure

r.p.m- revolutions per minute

S.T.P., s.t.p.- standard temperature and pressure

Tan- tangent

temp- temperature

v  – volt

wt.- weight

ZETA- Zero Energy Thermonuclear Assembly

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