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Beginners’ Strategy for IAS Preparation


Well formulated strategy for IAS preparation along with optimum time management is the only two ladders for your dream goal. It’s very important to formulate your own strategy for IAS preparation as it pays to be yourself. The knowledge, analytical ability and personality of the candidate developed within a span of around 20 years is tested in this exam. Of course, the foundation can be polished to the tune of UPSC requirement in last one year, but for building a strong foundation it requires long-term effort. If you have built a strong foundation, the job is half done!

One mantra for UPSC aspirants, “If the thing is already been done by somebody. Then you can also do it. If the thing is not been done by anybody. Then you have to do it”.

To tackle Civil Services Examination, here are some of the Strategy for IAS Preparation are:

Understand Syllabus

The most important strategy for IAS preparation is to understand UPSC exam structure. Go through UPSC Syllabus and previous question papers of IAS Prelims and Mains so that you will get a clear idea about the areas from which questions are normally asked. Be thorough with your NCERT Books as it’s the basis. Think and ponder over what is stated in your textbooks and develop writing practice. The second important thing to do is to make a habit of reading newspaper. (Reading The Hindu/ The Indian Express is advised).

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Start preparation with sufficient time in hand

The best strategy for IAS preparation is from the middle of May or the beginning of June, which is soon after your final exams of Graduation or Post Graduation. If you are appearing for the Graduation or Post Graduation exam in May and your aim is to prepare for Civil Services Exam then this gives you one and a half years to prepare before the Mains Exam. This is a sufficient time frame to be successful in your first attempt.

Make a detailed time-table

Ensure that the next six months would be used perfectly, so you can devise a day to day time-table. Assign one week to each subject, and ensure that you could complete the whole syllabus. You have to restart everything. Your study environment should continuously motivate you.

Familiarity with the optional

Decide on the optional subject after analyzing UPSC syllabus and previous question papers (applicable only to college going students and pass outs), start to collect materials on the same. A thorough familiarity with your optional reduces your mental burden at the first sight itself. Try to finish optional subject first, as this will definitely give you an edge.

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Prepare notes

A must strategy for IAS preparation is to prepare short notes so that you can revise the entire study material as the exams approach. But to sustain the effort for such a long time, you need to remain motivated throughout this period and maintain good health.

Remain focused

You must realize that properly preparing for the civil services exam is not a part-time job. It is a fact that if you are fully devoted to prepare for the Civil Services Exam without pursuing any other studies, competitive exams or job, your concentration level will be at its peak and this would give you the best results. The desire to grab one job or the other and playing it safe leads to failure on all fronts.

Have positive views in your Mind

Go for preparation with a positive mindset. Usually, it happens that negative thoughts would start entering to your mind. Especially, who are preparing for the first time. So be positive and think right.

Socio-economic Issues

After current affairs, socio-economic issues would the most important topic of conversation during your strategy for IAS preparation. The reason behind this is, as a civil servant you would be part of the governmental machinery deputed with the task of solving these issues. Therefore, it is very important for the examiner to know and understand your stand, opinions and in few cases the prospective solutions that you have to offer for such issues. Therefore, it is important to build a basic foundation for these issues and have a personal opinion on them.

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    • For preliminary .
      1. The constitution of India by pm . Bakshi
      2. Our Parliament by subhash kashyap
      3. India’s struggle for independence by Bipan Chandra
      4. Indian polity NCERT
      Indian history NCERT
      Geography NCERT xi , xii
      Indian economy NCERT xi , xii
      Science NCERT ix , x
      5. Oxford student Atlas for India
      6. Certificate physical and human geography by Goh Cheng Leong
      7. Economic survey 2015 -16
      8 . Indian economy by Ramesh Singh
      9. Environment and ecology by majid Husain
      10 . General studies (GS paper 2)
      Books for main exam
      1 . India’s struggle for independence by Bipin Chandra
      2. Facets of Indian culture by spectrum
      3. A new look at modern India history by BL Grover
      4 . India since independence by Bipin Chandra
      5. History of modern world by Ranjan chakravarti
      Geography book name
      1 . certificate physical and human geography by Go Cheng Leong
      2 . India and world geography by majid Hussain
      NCERT of xi , xii
      3 . India : Development and participation by Amartya San and jean deze
      GS – paper 2
      1 . our constitution by subhash kashyap
      2. Our Parliament by subhash kashyap
      3 . Governance in India by m . laxmikanth
      4 . international relations in 21st century by pushpesh pant
      GS – 3
      1 . Indian economy by Ramesh Singh
      2 . Indian economy :
      Performance and policies by uma kapila
      3 . Economic survey
      4 . Environment and Ecology by majid Hussain
      GS – 4
      1 . Ethics , integrity and Aptitude for civil service main examination by subba Rao …
      ….. Ho gaya bhai

  1. I m preapring for ssc ..but I want to prepare upsc ….its possible to prepare for both ….I always ready to work hard ….can u suggest me its good or not ..

    • I would like to suggest you that

      You should prepare for upsc cse first because it is such a vast syllabus exam that it will cover all the compititive exam.

      हिन्दी में एक कहावत है-

      हाथी के पाँव के चिन्ह में सारे जानवरों के पाँव समा जाते हैं ।

      तो upsc की तैयारी हाथी के पाँव के चिन्ह की तरह है।


  2. No……Absolutely not.
    focus on one thing at a time and give your 200% effort….. I’m sure that you will dominate yourself in your work.
    so just focus on one thing that you value most.

  3. please post a strategy plan with syllabus … so that .. we will get an idea about how much to do in one day and we can set our further goals for appearing in 2017

  4. sir, I m an i.A.S aspirant..but i dont have idea about the selection of “optional paper” so can u suggest me on what way i can choose optional paper..??

  5. Hi sir ;
    By profession I am a banker. For last six years I am far away from studies. But now I want to go for PCS job. Please guide me how can I start preparation along with my job.

  6. Great approach, respected website, can you suggest me books for hindi meduim? I am of commerce background. If you suggest more thing, i will be thankful to you

  7. i’m now read in class 12.. bt i have a strong desire to appear in the UPSC xm and also be succeed..can u tell me what are the strategies that i should take now

  8. sir, mea 2nd year mea parti hu, Iske sath mea I a s ki prepare vhi kar rahahu, plese anybody tell me when is actual time for serious preparation ?

  9. sir,i am graduate,sir plz tell what to do for preparing upsc. suggest me how to prepare for it with my graduation paper mechanical engg. and also tell me about the books for its preparation.

  10. Hello sir…actually I m prepare for SSC …its new for me….bcos I have done 12 class from biology and I m doing BSc …I want to prepare for UPSC …sir plz give me guide line and tell me should I go for UPSC directly

  11. Sir… I am Persuing b tech from electrical branch.. Nd I am a 1st yr student.. So.. When should I start to prepare for civil services examination?

  12. Sir im final year student of engineering and i want to become an IAS so please give me some suggestion about study and how to prepare for exam and how should i start (books) from now ..????

  13. Excause me
    Can you tell me How can I start preparing for upsc and which are the best books for upsc preparation.
    It’s my big dream since childhood and I am really excited to know more about it.

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