Before becoming UPSC IAS topper (2011-12) she was already had a degree of MBBS from AIIMS, which she completed in 2009. Prior to this she was also a topper of  the CBSE Pre Medical Test (PMT) in 2004.

Let’s have a look on her career and life

– Shena is from Yamunanagar, Haryana
– Daughter of Dr. C K Gupta and Pinky Aggarwal
– Scored 95% in 10th standard from Sant Nischal Singh Public School, Yamunanagar
– Scored 92% in 12th std from Dyanchand Public School Nabha
– She stood first in the Class-12 CBSE examination in 2004
– She was the All India topper of CBSE PMT Exam 2004
– Shena got 305th rank in 2010 Civil Service Exam
– Became IAS Topper after getting Rank 1 in UPSC Civil Services Exam in 2011-12.

Preparation Strategy

During her Preparation she mostly relied on self-study but also took guidance of teachers from time to time.

She read newspapers and magazines to get a better understanding of current events.

Despite her busy IRS training schedule in Nagpur, she dedicated 5 − 6 hours a day in preparing for the 2011 examination. It must be noted here the she had already cleared Civil Services Exam  once still she felt a need of 5-6 hours of study everyday.

She says “When it comes to preparation for the UPSC, there can be no shortcut. Obviously, since I had taken the exam once before, I had a certain edge. There were no surprises this year.”

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Tests for self Evaluation

When asked about how did she kept herself motivated, she says “Yes She took part in tests to find out her shortcoming and correct her weaknesses, it worked as both warning and motivation at times.”

Optional Subject

Being a doctor her obvious choice was Medical Science and another related subject she opted for Psychology. She did not experimented to explore new and relatively unknown area but with a clear mind opted a set of optional subjects with which she was comfortable.

Every beginner has many questions while choosing optional subjects. Sneha was well versed in Medical Science as a paper but most of aspirants are not quite friendly with any of listed subjects and find himself equally weak in all. In such case aspirants need to go through NCERT books before deciding any subject. Don’t judge your like or dislike unless you get a taste of dish. Unless you will read these books you can’t become sure about your inclination.

Previous UPSC IAS Exam Attempts before Becoming IAS Exam Topper

This was her Third attempt.

In her previous attempt she secured 305 rank and joined Indian Revenue Service (Income Tax) – IRS (IT) and was undergoing training in Nagpur while she got selected as IAS Topper in the IAS exam of 2011-12.

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Mains Exam Marks

Total Marks Marks Obtained
Essay 200 113
General Studies 600 282
Medical Science 600 417
Psychology 600 316
Total (Written) 2000 1128
Interview 300 210
Total 2300 1338 (58.17%)


Academic and Educational Background of IAS Topper

10th: Sant Nischal Singh Public School Yamuna Nagar

12th: Dayanand Public School Nabha


Training as an IRS at National Academy of Direct Taxes, Nagpur

Even after being having so many recognitions she was never a geek but took part in various sports and cultural events across her academic career from school to college and training institutes.


Her proud father Dr CK Aggarwal is a dentist in Yamunanagar; her mother Pinki Aggarwal is a housewife.

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