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IAS vs IRS – Make Informed Decision While you Choose

Each and every service offered under the head of Union Public Service Commission – Civil Service Examination is unique and self contained in itself. IAS as a service offers immense role for action and is very general in nature to which most of the aspirants can relate- incorrect social structure, corruption, medical issues in their locality, poverty alleviation.

Each candidate who prepares for the coveted Civil Services Examination has a certain motivator in mind which drives him/her through the innumerable tough times that await during the journey. This motivator is the primary catalyst for influencing a service choice.

IAS is a preferred choice by 99% of the candidates as compared to Indian Revenue Service. This is not without basis.

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The reasons why people choose IAS as the first choice are as following:

  • IAS heads almost all the departments in Central and State Governments. Even revenue department is headed by Revenue Secretary, who is an IAS officer.
  • IAS provides the fastest promotions among all Civil Services in India. For example an IAS officer will become a Commissioner in 16 years as compared to 20-22 years taken by an IRS officer.
  • The perks and facilities of an IAS officer is far superior than IRS
  • The social recognition and prestige of an IAS officer, particularly as DM, is far more than the IRS officers of any rank
  • Indian Administrative Service officer work closely with the common people, hence they have better opportunity to help them directly
  • IAS officers play far more important role in policy formation of the Central and State Governments than IRS officers
  • IAS officers have far more variety of job as compared to IRS who spend almost their entire career in revenue department

No doubt overall IAS is rated as better service than IRS by most people and rightly so. However, there is always a price to pay for everything that you get in your life.

IRS are more specific in nature with a very targeted approach and need a different field of interest. If IRS is your first preference and you have passion for taxation,do join that service only . After all this is the service which gives you a perfect balance of work, power and family life along with almost NIL political interference.

IRS can be a preferred for people who knows their mind and have the courage to follow their conviction even against the popular public opinion.

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You may prefer IRS for following reasons

  • If you are brought up in Metros, you may prefer IRS as almost 80-90% of IRS postings are in Metros or big cities
  • If your spouse is working, IRS may be preferred because you can stay together almost all the time
  • If you are a family man, IRS may be preferred due to our transfer policy which provides you stability of tenure
  • If you wish to work only during office hours and spend rest of the time for yourself, IRS can be preferred.
  • If you wish to follow the rules and shun political interference, IRS may be opted
  • If you wish to pursue literary and intellectual activities, IRS may be better as you can take lighter assignment and focus on your passion
  • If you wish to serve India indirectly by collecting the revenue which would be used for the development of the country by others, IRS may be your choice.

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To be honest, IRS is the best choice if you are innovative in nature and you want to do good. You are helping the nation accumulate resources to develop the society. You are actually making the Indian dream come true. You come up with innovative ways to ensure that people are paying taxes.

Also, your job doesn’t require you to be under the leash of any politicians. You respond to your boss, who responds to his, and they are all under Centre’s Finance Minister, no other intermediary in between, so no possibility of corruption.

You have an easy life, you don’t have unnecessary headaches and late night calls, you are not under pressure from someone, you could develop your personality as well as at the same time do your job with the highest level of satisfaction. You don’t get death threats, you don’t get requests for favours. Literally, so many people are choosing IRS as first choice over other elite services(heard one of the topper few years back chose the same too). With recent de-centralisation and re-organisation of the process of good governance in India, IRS is destined to become the most powerful and elitist service in upcoming years.

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