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Role of Civil Servants (IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS and IES)

Role of civil servants differs from service to service. IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS and IES are civil servant ranks under the Central Government of India. The exams to all these are conducted by UPSC board, and it’s a common exam except for IES. Normally, IAS, IPS and IFS are considered in that hierarchy row, as highest rankers often opt for IAS. Even some high rankers have opted for IPS and IFS.

Role of Civil Servants

Indian Administrative Service

IAS officers joining the Indian Administrative Service and work as key persons of central and state government bodies and PSUs. They may also be sent on foreign assignments and visits along with the IFS. They work for the rank from sub-divisional magistrates, to municipal commissioners, district collectors, various central and state secretaries as they are assigned. The highest post in the State is that of the Chief Secretary. At the top of the hierarchy list of IAS Officers is the Cabinet Secretary in the union government.

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Indian Police Service

IPS officers joining the Indian Police Service, and leads the police bodies in states and union territories. They work across ranks from assistant commissioner of police, to superintendent, to various commissioner ranks, to various directors, inspector generals and director generals.

Difference between IAS and IPS

  • IAS deals mainly with policy making and its implementation on the civil lines, where as IPS is main force for implementation of a law ,i.e. in crude terms it enforces the law.
  • IAS encourages to do a development oriented activity mainly, IPS regulates any non-development oriented activity.
  • IAS has a generalist character, where as IPS has a specialist character.
  • If you are in IAS, actually make the administration to run up, while IPS will keep a check on any deviation in the ideal line of administration.
  • Finally to put in simple terms, IAS is a prevention service, where as IPS is nearer to a Post Mortem character.

Many of us are familiar with a sentence prevention is better than cure. IAS tries to prevent the disorder in before by policy making, where as IPS cures or partly prevent the disorder when situation is in the pipeline to failure.

Indian Foreign Service

IFS officers are joining the Foreign Service of India. They form the senior management officers of India’s foreign service and manage foreign relations of India. The work as Ambassador, or High Commissioners, Foreign Secretary, or work in the PMO or Ministry of External Affairs.

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Indian Revenue Service

Indian Revenue Services, is a common name given to candidates selected for Income Tax and Central Excise and Customs Departments. Both departments are the main Revenue collecting agencies of the Government of India. Income tax Department these days, has emerged as an important revenue source to the government and is in the public eyes for it affects the personal income of individuals and business entities including corporate bodies.

The officers start as Assistant Commissioners and rise to become Commissioners of Income Tax within 20 years of service, then Chief commissioners Of Income Tax within another 8 years. The highest position in the Income Tax department is Chairman of Central Board Of Direct Taxes (CBDT).

Indian Engineering Services

Indian Engineering Services belongs to the Technical Services department which comes under the technical and administrative functions of the Indian Government. The candidates are recruited on the basis of merit scored in the exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The candidates who clear the IES entrance examination can find employment in the Indian Railway Engineering service (IERS), Military Engineering Service (MES), Central Engineering Service (CES) etc.

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