Few Facts About Reserve Bank of India

Functions of RBI:

Banker to the government :

Performs merchant banking functions for the central and state governments also acts as their banker.

Banker to banks:

Maintains banking accounts of scheduled banks.


Has 22 regional offices, most of the in state capitals. Training stabilities.


Full owned: National Housing Bank(NHB), National Bank of Agriculture and Rural development (NABARD), Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee (DICGC), Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudra Private Limited (BRBNMPL)

Majority Stake: State Bank of India.

Minority Stake: Infra-structure Development Finance Company (IDFC), Securities Training Corporation of India (STCI), Discount and Finance House OF India (DFH).

Customer service:

Help desks: in all departments and all offices to give general guidance to public.

Regulations review Authority :

Constantly reviews rules and regulations to make them more customer friendly.

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