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10 things to do before the exam!

It’s that time of the year again – exam
season. Schools are gearing up for midterm exams and competitive exams are less
than a month away. One of the most crucial exams, calls for intensive studies
that scramble your mind.

To save you from physical and mental
exhaustion, here are 10 things to do before the exam!

Time yourself and build up speed: The exam always asks clear-cut questions in a simple
language, but they are too many in number. The solution is to increase your
writing and problem-solving speed through practice.
Give yourself targets and
: Giving yourself
achievable targets and rewarding yourself for meeting them can boost your
prepping speed. Make a mental note that when you finish a chapter, you will
take a walk or have a snack!
Procure a good book or
mobile app for prepping
: A good
book or preparatory app will quicken
up the whole process. It saves your time by effectively summarizing and
Focus equally on all
 Don’t only practice mathematical problems and/or English,
but also focus equally on the syllabus. Candidates with basic knowledge and its
technicalities have an edge over the rest. So, you must remember to diligently
study this field too.
Make flashcards: Making flashcards of important facts, dates
or events are great for revising on the night before the exam. You can jot down
the important keywords that will jog your memory every time you see the card.
Eat fresh, light breakfasts: You should avoid greasy, filling meals as
they make you lethargic and sleepy. This is especially more important for the
exam day. I often had heavy breakfasts so I could skip lunch and utilize that
time to study; I ended up snoozing throughout the day..!
Don’t stress: Forget about the study material you are yet
to cover and focus on the current topic. Doing otherwise will worry you and
waste your time.
Get ample sleep:  You surely don’t want to appear
bleary-eyed for an exam. It’s only a matter of time till your brain gives up
and shuts down – during the exam. Some may have mastered the “skill” of running
on 0-3 hours of sleep but let’s not push your luck!
Take a break: After studying continuously for a few hours,
take a break. Cramming without breaks only slows down the whole process. So, go
for a walk or engage in any physical activity which will also give you a good
night’s sleep.
Don’t “de-stress” too much: You should surely de-stress the night before
any important exam, but that does not imply partying, drinking or smoking.
A walk in the evening or catching up on some TV would be more suitable
means to de-stress. If you want to do well, it will be best to stay away from
drinks and smokes for the night.


Using these simple tips, your
mind and body will be able to handle the stress better. A peaceful mind will
allow you to concentrate better and give the exam your best shot.
All the best!