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11 Must Do Things in Last 20 Days IAS Exam Preparation

The topper of UPSC Civil Services Exam Rachit Raj has suggested 11 things to do in the last 20 days of preparation before the exam. These 11 points are highly recommended to every aspirant:

1. Focus more on revision now. You have studied a lot since you are preparing for a long time, so now give your time for revision so as to recollect maximum at the time of the exam.

2. Do a lot of question practice as it will prepare you for the final exam. With practice, you become perfect in how to select the best option, how to eliminate wrong ones, how to deal when you do not answer, how to deal when you have partial knowledge, etc.

3. Don’t break off with newspaper. It really gives you some information which may become fruitful. Don’t go into that depth but just have an overview which doesn’t take much of your time.

4. Try to give mock tests and while solving questions assume that you are giving prelims final exam so do accordingly and then check your score and mistakes and further try to understand where you have committed a mistake and how to rectify in future.

5. Get to know your strengths and weakness and you can hit upon accordingly. While solving questions you get the ability to control on guesswork which is really needed as negative marking gonna reduce your marks.

6. Don’t be depressed if you get low marks now as it is the best stage to learn for future and seriously the mock tests are designed in a different way as compared to the final prelims paper. So fewer marks should not bother you. I will narrate here about my experience. My prelims were on 26th May and around 10th to 20th May when I was giving tests I was getting a score of 50-65 out of 200. So don’t be depressed and off your mood.

7. In fact, you will tend to know which area you are missing and what are the reasons. So just honestly commit yourself and learn.

8. Don’t be afraid of a new type of questions if you get they are meant to teach you, so know and learn about them. No need to panic in such a situation.

9. Be relaxed and be confident about your preparation. If you have been honest all through, your honesty would be definitely rewarded.

10. No stress, no junk food, have a healthy diet and sleep well. Don’t take much tension as it is going to decrease your efficiency. Thereby follow your normal routine with effective introspection.

11. You have given your best and now the time has come that the whole world would conspire for your success !!! So cheer up and rejoice and give your best !!! It’s all yours !!!!

Author of this article is Mr. Rachit Raj (IAS)