7 Essential Steps to Prepare for IAS Exam – Topper’s suggestion

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These 7 must do things while you prepare for IAS Exam, it will increase your chances of success, as it has already been tested by IAS Exam topper Rachit Raj himself. He is sharing the 7 points with all aspirants who prepare for IAS exam.

1. Just make a habit of noting down the materials you read. You will feel lazy in this but just promise yourself that you gonna do this. Because these things during the time of the revision will aid you a lot.

2. Newspaper reading is a must . Go through it and make a habit of making notes out of it. As you cannot retain all information so it’s better to note down as in during revision this would help you out. You will feel very lazy in making notes and you may postpone it for tomorrow but please it’s your future and it’s your goal, so be a little selfish and try to do that for yourself.

In newspaper, you can have a glance of the whole but try to effectively study the editorial section, national news of vital importance, etc

3. It’s your choice about the magazine. But make a habit of going through and making notes of the magazine material you studied. It would really gonna help you in later times. Also, try to go through the questions given in them as per seeing the changing trend in the IAS exam.

4. Don’t be frustrated by the materials and syllabus. No one can prepare all and everything. So it’s up to you how much and how well you are studying. You have to manage study and revision accordingly.

5. Don’t pay much attention to what your contemporaries say. As it will mainly lead to demotivate you and in this exam the primary criteria is that you need to be motivated all the time. You are quite matured to decide for yourself. You should not be influenced by others

6. The journey is yours and life is yours. You have to decide how to live and sustain. It’s all upto you that how effectively you manage. But just remember that you cannot waste your time uselessly, so in proper apt time, you need to give your best and receive the best.

7. So take an oath before yourself that you will follow your path honestly and will try your best. You are not gonna be demotivated and you have to build patience, tolerance, and perseverance in yourself. You need to fill your life with the colours of positivity and confidence.

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Article written by: Mr. Rachit Raj, IAS


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