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IAS Topper’s Strategy – Bhavya Mittal, IAS, AIR 34 – How to Prepare?


Bhavya Mittal successfully secured Rank 34 in the Civil Service Exam popularly known as IAS exams of 2013. She is an IIT Delhi graduate having B. Tech. and M. Tech in Civil Engineering.

Mark-sheet of Bhavya Mittal


Total Marks Marks Obtained
Total (Written) 1750 677
Interview 275 187
Total 2025 864 (42.67%)




Preparation Strategy

bhavya mittal ias topper She says about the preparation strategy that there is no static rule or guideline to be followed. It differs from individual to individual depending upon his/her strength and weaknesses.

She further adds,

Dedication, motivation and strategy are essential for cracking this examination. Dedication is dependent on one’s own willpower, and is achieved if there is sufficient motivation yet strategy is an area where I can sufficiently help the aspirants. So my focus shall be on strategy.

How to read?

This question is important because in the entire phase of preparation, a lot of material gets thrown at us and most aspirants in their enthusiasm get boggled down by never-ending material. Selective study can help but the most important question to reflect upon is how to read what one is reading so that it can actually be used in the examination.

How to write Answer?

Bhavya Mittal says, “So much for spending hours and days and what seems like a lifetime on this examination if one is not able to deliver in the paper. Thus the art of writing answers need to be cultivated.”

She explains the importance of answer writing an answer in a very lucid way. She says the answer writing should be based on the following points:


Specificity is how precise the answer is in catering to the requirement of the question i.e. did the examiner get what he was looking for in the answer? This can be ensured by focussing on the demand of the question and on writing with brevity.


Comprehensiveness means that the answer is able to cover multiple and  different dimensions and thus reflects a good understanding of an issue and ability to think from all perspectives . It can be ensured by a good knowledge base and by a good approach in thinking. Both can be built upon during the preparation. Knowledge is to be self developed so I will focus on approach of thinking.


Visibility is a measure of how easy and time-saving it is for the examiner to determine that the answer is right and the marks to be given thereof. It means that the eye of the examiner can quickly find the actual answer in the 1-2 pages of matter that we have written per question.

She further adds,

The best way to improve on answers is continuous practice. It should be an effort to write at least one answer on each topic and sub topic covered.  An approach that can be followed to improve answer-writing is to write an answer to a previous year question.

What articles to read in a newspaper?

She answers this query by step by step methodology to be adopted:

  • Read the heading and try to place the topic of the article under the points of the syllabus for GS given by UPSC. Identify the GS paper it caters to and what heading it belong to ex: security, environment, governance, international affairs etc.
  • Have a thorough idea of the questions that are asked on each of the headings under the syllabus by referring to previous years question papers compiled under separate headings. This can help analyse whether a question is likely to be asked on that topic or how important it is.
  • Read articles that cater to the syllabus and on which question is likely to be asked. Thus an analysis of question papers would help one determine that what alliances are being made during elections or political controversies are not important but voting pattern of voters or electoral reforms are important topics regarding elections.

How to make notes?

The frequently asked question is whether to make notes or not but the more important question is that if one is to make notes, then how?

Bhavya Mittal brilliantly explains following points to be kept in mind while making notes:

  1. Revisable notes are easy to read thus the focus should be on legibility and use of simple words.
  2. Revisable notes should be time-saving thus they should be concise and as briefly written as possible. Only then will you actually read them again.
  3. Notes should help one recall the stored knowledge in our memory. The recall process should start just as one reads a question in the examination. Therefore the notes should help one remember and reproduce later. This can be done as I have detailed below.

Book list for Geography Optional suggested by Bhavya Mittal.

Paper 1:

Part A

  1. Savindra Singh Physical Geography [ All chapters including Glossary behind each chapter]
  2. Rupa Made Simple Physical Geography [ Chapters on Slopes, Landscape Development and Soils should not be missed]
  3. ICSE Goyal Bros. Publications Class IX,X,XI,XII books [ It covers pollution, waste management, EIA, biodiversity] These books don’t need to be read line by line. Go through the books to extract points to improve answers or study uncovered portions on Environment.
  4. R.B.Bunnett Physical Geography in Diagrams OR G.C.Leong [To prepare for diagrams]

Part B

  1. For Population and Settlement Geography: Human Geography by Majid Hussain [Specifically portions on Migration, Theories of Population]
  2. For Perspectives in Human Geography: Evolution of Geographical Thought by Majid Hussain [Ch 8,9,10,12]
  3. For Economic Geography and Models and Theories: K.Siddhartha 
  4. Rupa Made Simple Economic and Social Geography [To supplement in areas uncovered]

Paper 2:

  1. Geography of India by Majid Hussain, OR Khullar.
  2. For Maps: Map Entries in Geography K.Siddhartha [Prepare for map entries and written piece along with it]
Articles are written and edited by the Syskool Staffs.


  1. Hi pls tell me what type of job she (Bhavya Mittal ) got?
    And had she got job in her city only or at any other place? And how much probation period was?

    • She is assistant collector sidhi and in charge ceo of zila panchyat sidhi (m.p.)

  2. Thanks a lot for these tips. I’m now doing my BA, 2nd year I’ll appear for UPSC in 2018 please give me some specific tips …. As I want to clear it in very first attempt. Thank you…..

  3. Now I’m doing service in India Army. Besides, preparing for UPSE in 2019after the completion of BA. So lot of thanks for essential info


    • it’s very tough to choose any engineering Branch as optional subject because it covers all our syllabus of core engineering subjects. so if you really want to prepare for IAS, it’s better to choose any non technical subject in which you can invest sufficient effort. btw I’m alumni of UCE RTU kota. all the best !

  5. Thank u madam g I want be ias officer . Now I m doing my bsc 1yr should I chose platform(job) before preparation of ias. And in how much time can I crack this.

  6. i am doing my Btech in civil engineering . i want to crack IAS . please guide me Mam

  7. thnk u mam! ,for d depth info. abt cse ,,,! can u provide me d info. about which books should I prefer .both in preliminary n main …

  8. One of the classic article..This made an extraordinary combination of real life experience into understandable theory!!! Thank u so much!!!

  9. Please give some tips on PT…it gets difficult day by day…please put up some tricks to crack it.

  10. Mam…since I am councilor and I running educational consultancy to give away the guidance for the career .I may need your precious advise .I will email the query when I will have problem to face I hope you will support my goal…

    • Just saying this I want to be an ias officers is not enough,,,,, u have to ready to do lots of work……….
      First up all go thorough syllabus book and set ur mind according to syllabus,,,
      For preliminary exam just study 2-3 hours daily according to syllabus,,,,,,
      For means exam first try to select ur perfect optional paper,,,,
      For preparing means u need to practice more,,,,,
      Each question u have to write and practice

  11. Mam, I am B.E. civil engineering 1st year student, Now what should I do for IAS either start from basic myself or join any coaching institute?

  12. I hav cmompleted my 2-pic an claiming for b.a llb an further for its exams how will it be helpful for me…???

  13. Thanks a lot…..inspired…….I completed BNYS……..I want to become an ias…..I need proper guide… me how to prepare….

  14. first, congrates on ur grnd success
    bhavya di my self sunil from jaipur rajasthan. di i belong the poor family but not poor in study
    di i need ur help to become ias
    plz di tell me….
    cont. 9829334751

  15. i m 18 yrs old by this august. i m now in 3rd year and doing ipcc.i want become ias in first attempt.Plz guide me

  16. You may not feel it, but you’re actually an INSPIRATION to many, and I would like to categorize myself into the same list. I too look up to you as a role model. Following your path to achieve a similar goal i will work extremely hard and one day when I’ll fulfil my dream, with the blessings of God, I’ll recall your name! Thank You Ma’am!

  17. i m doing bsc in physics, what sub can i chhose in ias exam?? i want to be an ias officer please guide me… n thanx fr d article.. it was really inspiring..

    • Join rawats ias academy dehradun its best in the world.. Uh wil surely get big change.. Like i

  18. Sir I am student and belong to very poor family now I want to become an IAS officer plz help me from first step 9924440989 wtsapp no

  19. I want to become ias i have passed my high school with icse board(2013) and intermediate with up board(2016) hindi medium so am i eligible for exam after graduation

  20. mam I wan to preapare for Upsc bt how should we choose subjects it means is der any perticular subjects to prepare???

  21. Mam congrats.. I want to become an ias officer.. Thnx for guidance.. I will get more marks than uh..

  22. Mam just let me know as a beginner how should I approach with civil service syllabus .I m a mechanical engineer .so in a nutshell let me know .as I ll start my preparation from sep

  23. I m student of commerce & I want to bcome an ias officer so how to prepare for this exam. & For prelims

  24. Mam i want to be IAS offocer and now i am doing bsc physics honours .Mam plz tell me from where I can start…

  25. Mam your optional stretgy is very much helpful for us…please guide us about preparation of ESSAY and ETHICS paper…..Thank u mam for such kind of your valuable effort and cooperation….

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