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Q. Explain briefly what is meant by the following:
(a)  Stainless steel
(b)  Sulphonamide.  

A. (a) Stainless steel:

It is an alloy steel containing generally 18% chromium and 8% nickel. This variety of steel is corrosion resistant, hard and used in the manufacture of surgical instruments, kitchen wares, cutlery, etc.

(b) Sulphonamide (Sulpha drugs):

The generic name for an anti-bacterial substance derived from para- aminobenzene sulphonamide (or a group of organic compound containing the sulphonamide group S02.NH2 or its derivatives). It includes sulphanilamide (NH2C6H4.S02.NH2), sulphapyridine (NH2C6H4S02NHC5H4N) and many more. These medicines are used in the treatment of various bacterial diseases, wounds, burns, etc.


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