Examine the ill effect of green revolution on India.

Examine the ill effect of green revolution on India.

Ill effects of green revolution on India can be summerised as below:
Land degradation caused by:
water logging
salinization of the soil
desertification and water scarcity
destroying water resources
destruction of soil fertility
micronutrient deficiency
soil toxicity, by high use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers
biomass reduction used for fodder and organic manure

Genetic erosion caused by:
‘mixtures and rotation of diverse crops like wheat, maize, millets, pulses and oil seeds were replaced by monocultures of wheat and rice

the introduced wheat and rice varieties reproduced over large-scale as monocultures came from a very narrow genetic base, compared to the high genetic variability in the populations of traditional wheat or rice plants.

Other negative ecological impacts:
*greenhouse effect with atmospheric pollution
*pesticide contamination of soil, water and animal life
*Loss of common lands under forests and pastures

Unsafe conditions

Nutritional imbalances as a result of the reduction of pulses, oilseeds, millets and other crops
As a result of the Green Revolution agriculture of many different crops was replaced by mainly rice and wheat. Owing to this the supply of local produced food which contains all needed proteins, minerals and vitamins, decreased. If people want this crops who were produced outside the region at least the prices increased because of the transportcosts.

Pesticide contamination of food, water, and human life
As a result of the much higher use of pesticides since 1965, food and water got contaminated.

Building dams with by heavy rainfall can lead to floods.


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