General Awareness Quiz for Upcoming Exams


[1] Who has been appointed as new Chairman of Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT)?
Ans – Senior IRS officer K V Chowdary

[2] Who laid the foundation of 44 MW Chutak hydro-electric project and Nimoo Bazgo project in Jammu and Kashmir?
Ans – Prime Minister Narendra Modi

[3] Who won gold medal at Archery World Cup Stage IV in Wroclaw, Poland by defeating Mexican team 6-0?
Ans – Indian Women’s Recurve team led by Deepika Kumari

[4] Name the author of the book ‘Munger through the Age’?
Ans – DP Yadav

[5] The construction work of the world’s tallest railway bridge began at?
Ans – Noney in Manipur, India

[6] Who took oath as the first woman Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court?
Ans – Justice Dr. Manjula Chellur

[7] Who was awarded with Copley Medal 2014 by Royal Society of London?
Ans – The geneticist Prof Sir Alec Jeffreys

[8] Who was appointed as Deputy National Security Adviser (NSA)?
Ans – Arvind Gupta, former Indian Foreign Service office