Ecology: The study of the relation of animals and plants to their surroundings, animate and inanimate.
Electronics : The study of the development, behaviour and applications of electronic devices and circuits.
Electrostatics : The study of static electricity.
Embryology: The study of
development of embryos.
Entomology: The study of insects.
Epidemiology: The branch of medicine dealing with epidemic diseases.
Ethnography: A branch of
anthropology dealing with the scientific description of individual cultures.
Ethnology: A branch of
anthropology that deals with the origin, distribution and distinguishing characteristics of the races of
Ethology: The study of animal behaviour.
Eugenics: The study of the
production of better offspring by the careful selection of parents.
Fractography : The study of fractures in metal surfaces.
Genealogy: The study of family origins and history. It includes the compilation of lists of ancestors and arranging them in pedigree charts.
Genecology: The study of genetical composition of plant population in relation to their habitats.
Genesiology: The science of
Genetics: The branch of biology dealing with the phenomena of heredity and the laws governing it.
Geobiology: The biology of
terrestrial life.
Geobotany: The branch of botany dealing with all aspects of relations between plants and the earth’s surface.
Geochemistry: The study of the chemical composition of the earth’s crust and the changes which take place within it.
Geodesy: Methods of surveying the earth for making maps and correlating geological, gravitational and magnetic measurements. It is a branch of geo-physics.
Geography: The development of science of the earth’s surface, physical features, climate, population, etc.
Geology: The science that deals with the physical history of the earth.
Geomedicine: The branch of medicine dealing with the influence of climate and environmental conditions on health.
Geomorphology: The study of the characteristics, origin and development of land forms.
Geophysics: The physics of the earth.
Gerontology: The study of old age, its phenomena, diseases, etc.
Glaciology: The study of ice and the action of ice in all its forms
Gynaecology : The study of diseases of women’s reproductive organs.