GENERAL SCIENCE With (H) Abbreviations

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Histology: The study of tissues.
Horticulture: The cultivation of flowers, fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants.
Hydrodynamics: The mathematical study of the forces, energy and pressure of liquid in motion.
Hydrography: The science of water measurements of the earth with special reference to their use for navigation.
Hydrology: The study of water with reference to its occurrence and properties in the hydrosphere and atmosphere.
Hydrometallurgy: The process of extracting metals at ordinary temperature by bleaching ore with liquids.
Hydrometeorology: The study of the occurrence, movement and changes in the state of water in the atmosphere.
Hydropathy: The treatment of disease by the internal and external use of water.
Hydroponics: The cultivation of plants by placing the roots in liquid nutrient solutions rather than in soil.
Hydrostatics: The mathematical study of forces and pressures in liquids.
Hygiene: The science of health and its preservation.
Limnology : The study of lakes.
Lithology : A systematic study of rocks.
Mammography: Radiography of the mammary glands.
Metallography: The study of the crystalline structures of metals and alloys.
Metallurgy: The process of
extracting metals from their ores.
Meteorology: The science of the atmosphere and its phenomena.
Metrology: The scientific study of weights and measures.
Microbiology7: The study of minute living organisms, including bacteria, moulds and pathogenic protozoa.
Molecular Biology: The study of die structure of the molecules which are of importance in biology.
Morphology: The science of organic forms and structures.
Mycology: The study of fungi and fungus diseases.
Nanotechnology: The technology that is based on the scale of nanometres (10’9m).
Neurology: The study of the nervous system, its functions and disorders.
Neuropathology: The study of diseases of the nervous system.
Nosology : The branch of medicine that deals with the classification of diseases.
Numerology: The study of numbers. The study of the date and year of one’s birth and their influence on one’s future life.