How to prepare for IAS Exam? – by Rachit Raj, UPSC Exam Rank 3

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Rachit Raj, IAS, sharing his experience and explaining how to prepare for IAS Exam with all who are going to start or who have started their Civil Services exam preparation.

I did my B Tech in Biotechnology and probably I scored decent marks. Always I had the motto of clearing this exam and getting into IAS . During my college days I never studied for this exam and also never went through any newspaper which now I think I should have done. Only thing which was happening was the thought to clear this exam.

After completing my B Tech , I didn’t join any job . Also I got chance to do M Tech but one of my special friend asked not to go into research and PhD ( nothing intentional) so even I dropped this idea too. Lately I realised that I should have some back up before going to start my preparation for IAS. Therefore I decided to go for MBA as a backup plan . I joined an institution in Mumbai and started with my MBA program. Three months passed and honestly speaking I was not at all feeling inclined and interested into this field. So finally in November I left MBA and thought to go for IAS exam preparation . Everyone in my family was not in favour of this decision ( you might know the reason ). But still taking into my self confidence and ability I decided to go for it.

At this stage I will tell you my condition. I was really not interested in history , polity, geography, sociology and economics ( being engineering background , you might realise ). I didn’t know about constitution , modern history, geography etc. But with affirmative mind I joined a coaching and started my preparation.

Initially I felt problem in reading newspaper and how to proceed in the subjects. But I continued with whatever material I had . Later on I really got inclined and interested into all the subjects and enjoyed reading. But I will tell you that always have patience, perseverance and self confidence . This is required .

  • You will have to build your launch pad on your own and then you will have to be prepared to strive for the best .
  • You have strengths and weakness. Bet on your strength and aim to check on weakness part.
  • Just keep moving towards your goal and aim and you will see that you will automatically sail on the correct path .
  • But don’t deviate or be pressurised by negativity . These are the hurdles which you will have to manage .
  • Therefore if you think towards your aim and goal , just go for it with full passion and energy .
  • Life is all yours and its your method and way which will matter the most . So keep yourself motivated and have the passion to achieve your goal. You can and you will get it.

All the best !!!!!!!

This article is written by Mr. Rachit Raj, IAS.

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