How To Succeed In Civil Services Exam

The more passionate you will be about your goal, the more will be the probability of your success. I shall suggest some tips to the Civil Services aspirants which are as follows:


  • Practice as much as possible and try to reduce slowly the time involved in solving the problems.
  • Focus on comprehension skills in a big way.
  • Solve as many problems of quantitative analysis and logical reasoning as possible.

General Studies:

  • Be factual in your study for the Preliminary Examination and analytical for the Mains along with a focus on your conventional areas.
  • Try to study by preparing your own notes.

Optional Subjects: These are the subjects which may keep you at the top in the merit list. Thus, be the master of the subject in accordance with the pattern of the Civil Services Examination.


  • No separate preparation is needed.
  • Try to write on current and relevant issues in your own words regularly.
  • The introduction and conclusion parts should be well organised and try to write in a clean and good handwriting in the Essay paper.


  • Always be yourself and honest in your answers.
  • Collect sufficient information about your home State, educational and employment backgrounds, hobbies, etc.
  • Be calm and cool during the Interview.

The success in Civil Services Examination depends on hard work as well as on smart work. First of all, one should know what to read and what not to. One should always be self-motivated. Try to learn from your failure. Each and every time one should be fresh and full of enthusiasm.

“Passion” is the most important factor which decides your success. The more passionate you will be about your goal, the more will be the probability of your success. So, create an incredible passion inside yourself for your goal of succeeding in the Civil Services Examination.

Also, try to shrink your comfort zone. Give up comforts to increase the probability of your success. Never get depressed at your failure, but try to analyse the reasons for your failure and try to improve the areas where you feel shortcomings are there.

This is a true saying that if you are firm and determined towards your goal, then everything in the universe will come to help you achieve your goal.

All the best to all of you and to those who are preparing for the Civil Services Examination.


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    Sir does I am in right path or I am thinking right
    Sir I think that first of all I will do better in class 11 and 12 exam and after that I will pursue my graduation in political science and after pursuing I will give my 100 per in preparation of upsc for 1 year after that sit in exam sir plz guide me if I am right.

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