IAS Exam Preparation Strategy for beginners by Rachit Raj, UPSC Exam Topper

IAS Exam Rank 3, Rachit Raj Sharing his IAS Exam Preparation strategy for those who are very new in their Civil Services Exam preparation and those who are in their midway preparation:

When I joined my coaching , I was not sure about the crowd and method of teaching . Especially the people all around . I used to hear the aspirants discussing about different general studies topic and on hearing their views I used to find myself at very low position , thinking that I really don’t know much about all these and might be they are much more well educated. Also in the book stores area and all I used to find aspirants having tea and discussing about general studies . These all used to provide me an envelope of negativity all around .

Later on I met some seniors who started giving me the whole list of around 20 books to go through and told me now you should take complete 2 years to prepare for the exam . They also said that it takes 1 year to understand the syllabus of IAS exam .

All these communication made me very skeptical about the IAS exam and filled in me negativity and lowered my self confidence .

But anyhow thinking that I need to continue I started my IAS exam preparation and then continued in my approach . In the initial phase I felt some difficulties as I was very new into this field but I thought that in the early phase of any start up the environment is filled with difficulties and struggle so one need to keep patience and have positive attitude to continue .

So I just managed to bring myself on the correct track .

Thereby just when u start your venture, initially hurdles will always come but you will have to encounter them and confidently deal .

You need to keep your inner positivity and never be affected by other’s negative opinion and thoughts . Other’s will only induce negativity , they won’t like you to succeed and they would only prefer to give you hell lot of advises but only to the extent that it will be never productive .

So it all depends on you , how you take things and how you react. Don’t let anything empower you . Trust me in your ias exam preparation phase none of your competitors and others too will pray for your success ,instead they would be more than happy to hear the news of your failure . So it’s all your persona and personality that will matter in the sense how you are reacting to the situation.

You will be filled with negative thoughts but you will have to maintain calmness and have attitude with positivity towards your goal .

Don’t think of others and don’t let it impact you negatively . Instead take positive points from it and be more motivated to succeed . Try to be more motivated with the negative thoughts , if you have done this you will conquer the world and you will achieve success .

One mantra is ” if you can feel motivated by the negative thoughts then life is all yours and success is yours ” but you will have to do this , though it is tough but you will have to try and it’s not tough. Whenever you are down and off , just think of your goal and aim and work accordingly , you will get more productive results.
All the best !!!!

This Article is written by Mr. Rachit Raj, IAS.

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  1. wen I go to prepare..my colleagues comment me as bookworm…which gave me to demotivation..but as u said then after ” I go to make motivated by negative comments around”
    thanx sir..

  2. Thank u ruchit sir, for sharing a valuable thoughts. it will help me a lot.
    But i want know about english, how can i improve my english.
    Sir Plz suggest me some valuable tips about english…

    Email [email protected]

    Thanx with regards

    • It depends upon vocabulary …try to remember meaning of every english bit & then it is soo easy to give then order & try to write articles on different topics accordingly..!

  3. Thank you sir for sharing your experience with us. It is very useful for me.
    sir …can you please tell list of all books essential for this exam?…as i am very new in this exam.

  4. Sir ap kaha kon se institute me study kiye h or hme btye kon kon sa institute acha h or kaha plz plz rply me

  5. Rachit Sir, your senior aspirants told u to go thru 20 IAS books, which are they?? Can u please help us out by giving names of those books u gone through??

  6. Thanku sir for your valuable words. Sir can u plz tell the names of that 20 books. It will be very helpful for preparing…..

  7. Sir ..I would like to know about preparation for civils. .but main problem English. I can’t write and speak English. .I got the teacher post ( social teacher )in2009 ts state.

  8. Sir I am a working person but want to prepare for the civil exam. My working hours are about 9 to 11 hours. But I am pretty confident about the exam but don’t know how to prepare. So please suggest me some tips or strategy for the exam.

  9. Please sir rachit.I need personal chatting with you.i’ve got some issues urgently.I only need personal chatting with you go forward in preparing for the ias exam.pliz sir i need your number actully

  10. Sir please i need your number.sir please its a personal related matter.need to discuss with you badly sir

  11. Sir can u tell me that interview in the ias is in the english or in Hindi…. Or regional language….?????

  12. Sir, please suggest how to start as new comer and in what way. Suggest at your best please please please

  13. Rschit Sir thanks a lot,ur valuable suggestions are mental energy boosters for us nd please sir keep it up ,its a great job to show right path to others,thanks once again.

  14. thnks for sharing ur experience with us…and will u plz tap ur contact detail
    …..si that we can contact u….

  15. thanks for shareing the post it’s very useful..after reading i too got some confident to step into preparation for indian most special and hardest exam and it have to written by all young indian after their graduation and their normal life..

  16. thank you so supporting nature and share your experiances .
    it’s helpful for preparation to us.

  17. Sir lots of thanks for sharing ur experience but i also want to ask u i m giving my first attempt so how do i prepare for prelim exam…which books i refer nd please give some tips from where i do start Preparation please sir rep me please……

  18. Sir lots of thanks for sharing ur experience but i also want to ask u about prelims preparation please sir guide me…..please

  19. I saw here everybody is mad after the 20 books. Start with NCERT & also NIOS if you can. First of all make your base. Read every point of NCERT logically. Also internalise it.
    After that go for the books related to UPSC.

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