Important River Valley Project

Bhakra Nangal Project

It is on Sutlaj river in Punjab. It is dam highest in India with a height of 226 meter. Reservoir is called Gobind Sagar Lake.

Mandi Project

On Beas in Himachal Pradesh.

Chambal Valley Project

On Chambal river in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. Three dams are there:
  • Gandhi Sagar Dam
  • Rana Pratap Sagar Dam
  • Jawahar Sagar Dam

Damodar Valley Project

On Damodar in Bihar. Based on Tennessee Valley Project, USA.

Hirakud Project

On Mahanadi in Odisha. World’s longest dam: 4801 meter.

Rihand Project

On Son in Mirzapur. Reservoir is called Goind Vallabh Pant reservoir.

Kosi Project

On Kosi river in North Bihar.

Mayurakshi Project

On Mayurakshi river in West Bengal

Kakrapara Project

On Tapi in Gujarat

Nizamsagar Project

On Manjra in Andhra Pradesh

Nagarjunasagar Project

On Krishna in Andhra Pradesh

Tungabhadra Project

On Tungabhadra river in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka

Shivsamudram Project

On Cauvery in Karnatka. It is the oldest river valley project of India (1902).

Tata Hydel Scheme

On Bhima in Maharashtra.

Sharavathi Hydel Project

On Jog Falls in Karnataka.

Kundah and Periyar Project

In Tamil Nadu

Farakka Project

On Ganga in West Bengal. Apart from power and irrigation it helps to remove silt for easy navigation.

Ukai Project

On Tapi in Gajarat.

Mahi Project

On Mahi in Gujarat.

Salal Project

On Chenab in Jammu and Kashmir.

Mata Tilla Multipurpose Project

On Betwa river in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

Thein Project

On Ravi river in Punjab.

Pong Dam

On Beas river in Punjab.

Tehri Project

On Bhagirthi river in Uttarakhand

Sardar Sarovar Project

On Narmada river in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

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