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A line drawn on a map through all points having the same value of some measurable quantity is known as isopleths.

ISANOMAL – Isopleth of anomaly
ISARITHM – Any line representing continuous value on maps.
ISOBARS – Lines of equal pressure
ISOHYET – Isopleth of rainfall
ISOBRONTS – Lines joining places experiencing a thunderstorm at the same time.
ISOCHRONES – Lines joining places located at equal travel time from a common center.
ISOPHENE – Isopleths of seasonal phenomena, Ex-flowering dates of plants.
ISOPOTENTIAL – surface to which artesian water can rise.
ISOZYMES – Lines of equal frost.
ISOTHERMS – Isopleths of temp.
ISOHYPSESS – Lines of equal elevations or contours.
ISOGONAL – Lines of equal magnetic declinations
ISOHELS – Lines of equal sunshine
ISOBATH – Lines of equal depth below sea level
ISONEPH – Lines of equal cloudiness
ISODAPANE – Lines of equal transportation cost for a distance
ISOCLINE – Line of equal slope
ISOHALINE – Line of equal salinity
ISOSEIMAL – Line joining the equal intensity of the earthquake.

by John Kanri

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