Prince Dhawan Rank: 3, CSE 2011

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Prince Dhawan
Rank: 3, CSE 2011

Optional Subjects
Electrical Engineering, Public Administration

Success Plan
In the beginning, I interacted with seniors and some faculty members. I also read many interviews of already selected candidates and followed their blogs.

I just tried to do my best and leave the rest on GOD.

Time Management
During my preparation, I mainly focused on setting realistic targets and achieving them. I never bothered about the time I had to spend to achieve my targets. I also practiced writing answers for my optional subjects within the time limit

Secret of success
Intelligent and patient hard-work and belief in GOD.

Number of attempts
I cleared the Civil Service Examination in my first attempt.

Teaching and Debating
Optional Subjects
Optional Subject 1: Electrical Engineering
Optional Subject 2: Public Administration

My interest in them was the basis for selecting them
This was the first time the Preliminary Examination was staged with the new pattern. So, I based my preparation on the syllabus released by the UPSC for both the papers. In GS I went for selective study while for Paper II, I focused on speed and accuracy.

Paper II (Aptitude Test)
Practice is the key to success in CSAT. I tried to maintain my accuracy while increasing my speed. Further, I also practiced many logical reasoning questions. I did not practice much for the decision making questions because I feel they must reflect our natural thought process

Negative Marking
I did three passes of the entire question paper. In the first pass, I only answered questions about which I was 100% confident. In the second pass, I made some intelligent guesses. Finally, in the third pass, I basically just revised my previous responses and tried to answer few more questions by linking pieces of information from different sources
I concentrated on analytical aspects and given more weightage to my optional subjects. Efforts for General Studies were balanced and for my optional subjects, I followed advice from earlier selected candidates which really proved to be handy.

As Public Administration was a new subject, a took coaching and prior to Main Examination, I appeared in Test Series to evaluate my performance.
I used to ponder upon issues of current interest and form my own opinions on them. I developed my own thought process and an original approach to analysis of important social/national/international issues. I also practiced writing some sample essays within the time limit

I wrote my Essay on “The importance of human and technical intelligence in combating terrorism”

I felt confident in approaching this topic and I had many innovative and original ideas for the same
I did extensive preparation of my State, my bio-data and hobbies. I tried to express myself concisely and logically.

I faced Mr. P.K. Mishra Sir’s board. I felt my Interview was cordial.

My interview lasted for approx half an hour


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