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Hockey’s Jadoogar – Dhyan Chand

Dhyan Chand popularly known as hockey's jadoogar. Dhyan Chand was born on 29th August, 1905 at Allahabad. His father was in the British Indian...


General Knowledge
Model Paper -1



1.Which one of the following is not the source of revenue of Central Govern­ment ?
(A)   Income Tax
(B)   Corporate Tax {^Agricultural Income Tax (D) Excise Duty
2. ‘Operation Flood’ is associated with-
Milk production
(B)   Wheat production
(C)   Flood control
(D)   Water harvesting
3.  Who has the sole right to issue pa­per currency in India ?
(A)   The Government of India
(B)   The Fiwance Commission
(C)   The Reserve Bank of India
(D)   The Central Bank of India
4.      A fall in demand or rise in supply of a commodity-
(A)   Increases the price of that com­modity
(B)   Decreases the price of that com­modity
(C)   Neutralises the changes in the price
(D)   Determines the price elasticity
5.      Planning Commission of India was established in-
(A)  1947
(B)  1950
(C)  1S51
(D)  1949
6.      How many types of emergencies
are envisaged by the Constitution?
(A)   1
(B)    2
(C)   3
(D)   4
7.Who calls the Joint Session of the two Houses of the Parliament ?
(A)   The President
(B)   The Prime Minister
(C)   The Lok Sabha Speaker
(D)   The Vice-President
8.In which year, Gandhiji established Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat ?
(A)   1916
(B)  1917
(C)  1918
(D)  1929
9.No Confidence Motion against the Union Council of Ministers can be initiated-
(A)   in the Rajya Sabha only
(B)   in the Lok Sabha only
(C)   both in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha
(D)   in the State Assemblies
10. Which Constitutional Amendment deleted the Right to Property from the list of Fundamental Rights ?
(A)   42nd Amendment
(B)   62nd Amendment
(C)   44th Amendment
(D)   43rd Amendment
11.   Most of the Chola temples were dedicated to-
(A) Vishnu (8) Shiva
(C)   Brahma
(D)   Durga
12.   Where was the First Session of In­dian National Congress held?
(A)   Bombay
(B)   Madras
(C)   Calcutta
(D)   Delhi
13.   In the Gupta period, the largest num­ber of coins were issued in-
(A)   Gold
(B)   Silver
(C)   Copper
(D)   Iron
14.   The tax which the kings used to col­lect from the people in the Vedic pe­riod was called-
(A)   Bali
(B) Vidatha
(C) Varman
(D) Kara
15.   Buddha preached his first sermon at-
(A)   Gaya
(B)   Sarnath
(C)   Pataliputra
(D)   Vaishali
16.   Which one of the following is not the result of underground water action ?
(A)   Stalactites
(B)   Stalagmites
(C)   Sinkholes
(D)   Fiords
17.   Grassland is called ‘pampas’ in-
(A)   Africa
(B)   South America
(C)   The United Kingdom
(D)  The USA
18.   The coastal part of water bodies of the oceans which is structurally part of the mainland of the continents is called-
(A)   Isthmus
(B)   Oceanic ridge
(C)   Continental shelf
(D)   Continental slope
19.   Anemometer is used to measure-
(A)      Wind direction
(B)      Wind velocity
(C)      Pressure gradient
(D)      Wind speed and time
20.   Mariana Trench is found in-
(A)   Atlantic Ocean
(B)   Pacific Ocean
(C)   Indian Ocean
(D)   Arctic Ocean
21.   Which cells in our body have the least regerferative power ?
(A)   Brain cells
(B)   Muscle cells
(C)   Bone cells
(D)   Liver cells
22.   A potato tuber has been cut into two halves. A few drops of iodine solu­tion are placed on the cut surface of one of the halves. What colour change will be noticed ?
(A)   From brown to blue-black
(B)   From brown to orange-red
(C)   From blue to pink
(D)   From pink to blue-green
23.   How many sets of valves does a hu­man heart have ?
(A) Four
(C) Two
D) Ore
 24. which is the  cell which are responsible for the production of         antibodies are-
A Red blood cells
b) Neutrophils
C) Lymphocytes
(D) Platelets
25.    The source of the enzyme diastase is
(A)   Salivary gland
(B)   Stomach
(C)   Liver
(D)  Pancreas
26.    Mycoplasma is associated with a dis­ease that affects the organs of-
(A)   Respiration
(B)   Excretion
(C)   Reproduction
(D)  Digestion
27.    Which one of the following has the highest value of specific heat ?
(A)     Glass             (B)    Copper
(C)     Lead              (D)    Water
28.    The device used for locating sub­merged objects under sea is-
(A)     Sonar             (B)    Radar
(C)     Laser              (D)    Maser
29.    The metal whose electrical conduc­tivity is more, is-
(A)     Copper           (B)    Aluminium
(C)     Silver             (D)    Lead
30.    What happens to a liquid, when the vapour pressure equals the atmo­spheric pressure ?
(A)   The liquid cools
(B)   The liquid boils
(C)    No change
(D)   The liquid evaporates
31.   Sea weeds are important source of-
(A)    Fluorine
(B)    Chlorine
(C)    Bromine
(D)   Iodine
32.   In nuclear reactor, heavy water is used as-
(A)    Coolant
(B)    Fuel
(C)    Moderator
(D)   Atomic smasher
33.   Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched ?
(A)    Tetanus – BCG
(B)    Tuberculosis – ATS
(C)    Malaria – Chloroquine
(D)   Scurvy – Thiamin
34.   Tear gas used by the police to dis­perse the mob contains-
(A)    Carbon dioxide
(B)    Chlorine
(C)    Ammonia
(D)   Hydrogen sulphide
35.   Correct expansion of the term ‘http’ in Internet address is-
(A)    Higher text transfer protocol
(B)    Higher transfer text protqcol
(C)    Hybrid text transfer protocol
(D)   Hyper text transfer protocol
36. Which of the following is a Navaratan PSE?
(A)    Steel Authority of India Ltd.
(B)    MMTC Ltd.
(C)    National Aluminium Company Ltd.
(D)   Oil India Ltd.
37. ‘World-AIDS day’ is observed on- (A) January 1        (B)        April 1
(C) September 1      (D)    December 1
38. Who was(is) the first lady recipient of Dada Saheb Phalke Award ?
(A) Nargis Dutta       (B)    Uma Devi
(C) Devika Rani        (D)    Sulochana
39.    Out of the following artists, who has written the book Meandering Pas­tures of Memories ?
(A)   Shovana Narayan
(B)   Saroja Vaidyanathan
(C)   Yamini Krishnamoorthy
(D)   Geeta Chandran
40.    Out of the following Indian States, which State does not have any mari­time boundary?
(A)     Gujarat             (B)    Goa
(C)     Rajasthan        (D)    Maharashtra
41.    With which brand or product, is the slogan ‘Just do it’ associated?
(A)     Bata                (B)    Power
(C)     Woodland       (D)    Nike
42: With which of the following books, is Dr. S. Radhakrishnan associated ?
(1)    An Idealist View of Life
(2)    Bhagavad Gita
(3)    Conquest of Self
(4)    Hindu View of Life
(A)   1, 2, and 3 only
(B)   2, 3 and 4 only
(C)   1, 3 and 4 only
(D)   1 and 4 only
43.   The Headquarters of International Court of Justice is located in-
(A)   Paris (France)
(B)   Geneva (Switzerland)
(C)  -Niew York (USA)
(D)     The Hague (Netherlands)
44.    ‘Subroto Cup’ is associated with which/game/sports ?
(A) Hockey             (B)    Football
(C) Basketball         (D)    Badminton
45.    The first talkie film in India was-
(A)   Raja Harishchandra
(B)   Alam Ara
(C)   Chandidas
(D)   Jhansi Ki Rani
46.    Who holds the record for scoring the highest number of runs (individual) in One-day Cricket World Cup Tour­naments ?
(A) S. Ganguly        (B)    S. Tendulkar
(C) B. Lara              (D)    G. Kirsten
47.    Which is the field in which Ustad Bismillah Khan has distinguished himself ?
(A)   Sitar
(B)   Guitar
(C)   Shehnai
(D)   Hindustani Music (Classical Vocal)
48.    Where is the Ba‘da Imambara lo­cated ?
(A) Agra                 (B)    Lucknow
(C)     Patna             (D)    Allahabad
49.    What does the open market opera­tion of the RBI mean ?
(A)   Buying and selling shares
(B)   Auctioning of foreign exchange
(C)   Trading in securities
(D)   Transactions in gold
50.    ‘Consumer Day’ is celebrated every year on-
(A)   April 1
(B)   October 23
(C)   March 15
(D)   December 5
1. (C) 18. (C) 35. (D)
2. (A) 19. (B) 36. (D)
3. (C) 20. (B) 37. (D)
4. (B) 21. (A) 38. (C)
5. (B) 22. (A) 39. (A)
6. (°) . 23. (C) 40. (C)
7. (A) 24. (C) 41. (D)
8. (B) 25. (A) 42. (D)
9. (B) 26. (A) 43. (D)
10. (C) 27. (D) 44. (B)
11. (B) 28. (A) 4?. (B)
12. (A) 29. (C) 46. (C)
13. (A) 30. (B) 47. (C)
14. (A) 31. (D) 48. (B)
15. (B) 32. (C) 49. (C)
16. (D) 33. (C) 50. (C).
17. (B) 34. (B)