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Salient Features of Railway Budget 2016

Union Minister Suresh Prabhu presented the Railway Budget 2016 his second Rail Budget- in Lok Sabha.

The Salient Features of the Railway budget are:

In Railway Budget 2016-17 passenger Fares and Fright rates have not been changed, giving relief to the millions of commuters as it was being anticipated that passenger Fares might be increased this time.

It is an announced that IRTC will start to manage catering in a phased be made available and children’s menu, baby foods, baby boards also be made available for travelling mothers.

It was informed that India Railway has already started using World’s first Bio-vacuum toilet developed by itself in Diburgarh Rajdhani Express. It has been proposed that 17000 Bio toilets and additional toilets at 475 stations will be provided prior to the close of this year.

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In order to check without ticket travelers, it is announced, the railways is going to introduce bar- coded tickets, scanners and gain control on pilot basis on major stations. It is also announced that the quota reserved for lower berth for senior citizens and women will be increased by 50 %.

It has been claimed that Indian Railway has opened long awaited Broad Gauge lumding – Silchar section in Assam, connecting Barak Valley with the rest of country.

To make the life simpler for the train travelers it is announced that the sale of tickets would be conducted through hand held terminals for the benefit of suburban and short- distance travelers; vending machine will be used to sell platform ticket through not only cash but also credit/debit cards.

It is announced that 139 helpline post verification using ‘One Time Password’ sent on registered phone number for the cancellation of reservation will be initiated by Railways.

To provide Tatkal Tickets to rightful passengers in the morning tatkal hours, Railways will install CCTV coverage at tatkal counters. It has been claimed that CCTV network has been provided at 311 railway stations.

This Railway Budget 2016 has a plan outlay of about Rs. 1.21 lakh crore.

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Promises announced in the Railway Budget 2016

  • The companies owned by Railways will come under a holding company
  • By 2019 two dedicated Freight corridors will be completed
  • 33 % sub quota will be provided for women under all reserved categories.
  • India first rail auto hub will start functioning in Chennai.
  • Will enhance advertising revenue by more than four times this year, specially by changing the traditional dress of porters (coolies); they will wear dresses advertisements written on that and now they are going to called luggage assistants (Sahayaks). They will be provided with lorries.
  • GSP based digital display will be installed in coaches for showing upcoming stations.
  • Will introduce new policy or multi-purpose stalls at all stations to facilitate multiple services like milk and medicines.
  • On business travel routes overnight double decker trains will be introduced.
  • New freight corridors are announced between Kharagpur-Mumbai, Delhi-Chennai, and Kharagpur-Vijaywada for which 2800 km of new tracks will be commissioned in the next year; Mizoram and Manipur will be connected with broad gauge; 600 kilometer electrification this year and another 2000 km have been proposed for next year.
Indian Railway Performance 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09
Gross Traffic Receipts 54491 62732 71720 81901
Working Expenses 45488 49047 54462 66590
Net Traffic Receipts (1-2) 9003 13685 17258 15311
Net Miscellenious Receipts 1140 768 1076 1112

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