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Smart study- The most efficient way to success

Go and ask some of the so called “Veterans” in the market: “Can we crack UPSC in a year”. These are the common answers you will get from them….
Ek saal, bahut tough hai boss..(One year, it’s tough, dude)
Don’t you know UPSC means “Unpredictable Public Service  Commission”?
Ek saal….Bahut achha mazak tha, utna to sirf syllabus samajhne mein lag jata hain ( one year…. nice joke, that much time u require just to know its syllabus).

While on the other hand there are people who have cracked this exam, the so-called “toughest nut” in their first attempt that too with good ranks.
I think, 4-5 naam to aap ko bhi pata hoga. (Translation: Ignore, not relevant. )

Confused, isn’t it? You must be thinking “How is it possible? Why such a contradiction? If this examination can be cracked in a year, then why those seniors (veterans) were so pessimist. And if another way around, then there must be an ” Alladin Ka Chirag” which was luckily encountered by some of these aspirants and it helped them to get through within a year? ”

What If I tell that, those seniors were not pessimist, in fact, they were right.” and What if I tell that, there exists an “Alladin Ka Chirag” too.

Wait.. wait.. don’t scratch your head.
What? Me out of my mind… No, not at all.

Yes, it’s 100% true. There exists an “Alladin Ka Chirag” and it is called “SMART STUDY“. The smart study is the only thing which Veterans didn’t understand while these successful toppers have mastered it.

“Smart study”?

(Yaar smart city to suna tha, smart village bhi suna hai lekin, Ab ye naya smart study kya hai ?)
Actually, smart study is the most efficient and the most effective way of studying. If incorporated in one’s habit it helps in optimizing hard work and time.

How to study smartly?

I will explain it with an example.
Let’s say one day you woke up and found yourself alone in the middle of an ocean. There are water and only water everywhere you look. You don’t have any damn idea where the hell to move. Now there is two way in which one will respond to this situation.

In the first case, a person (the so-called veterans) will start peddling day and night without any idea where the hell is he going. (No it’s not a joke; there will be many amongst you who will be doing the same thing.)

While in the other case, one will first search for a COMPASS and then will look into the MAPS (Of course, when it will be available). Once fully clear about the direction and the shortest route to the nearest land, then only he will start peddling. Again he will keep referring the same again and again until he achieves his goal. By doing so he will save his energy and precious time. This is what we call a smart way of doing things.

In UPSC examination SYLLABUS is your “compass”. It will show you the direction. It will help you choose the right book and the right material from tons of materials being sold in the market in the name of UPSC. (You will thank me later for saving your home from becoming another library)

While PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTIONS & TEST SERIES is your “maps”. In a given particular direction, it will provide you with the shortest path to clear this exam. It will help you in distinguishing between the important and the unimportant stuff (which UPSC will never ask in its wildest dream).

Wait-wait dear, it’s not over.

The most important thing you have missed here is that you have to keep referring the syllabus again and again. Along with it, keep solving questions throughout your preparation.

These two mantras if followed religiously and inculcated in your habits, it will be a cake walk for all of you to clear this exam and you will all come out with flying colours.

Best of luck…

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