Success Story of Mihir Patel IAS, 2015

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Mihir Patel had only one burning ambition in life ie; making it to the Indian Administrative Service and he finally achieved it by scoring All India Rank 27th in Civil Services Exam 2014 at the age of 24.

Mihir Patel said, “The journey so far was not easy but I was sure of success. I too have failed two times, so I can feel the pain of failure. But real failure is not to fail in the exam, but it is, stand up after failure. So, just wake up and try hard, do more work, get more blessings and achieve your dream”.

Marks Obtained

 Total Marks  Marks Obtained
Total (Written)  1750 786
 Interview 275  198
 Total  2025  984 (48.59%)

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Educational Background

Born and brought up in Ahmadabad. Mihir Patel has always been a stellar student. He was among the top 10 in the state in Class 12 exam. His did his schooling in Gujarati medium. Mihir Patel  graduated in Computer Science from Nirma University, Ahmadabad in 2011 and secured 73% marks. After completion of his graduation, he went to Delhi in mid July for 3 months to take the coaching of philosophy then he came back and stayed at Hyderabad.

After completing his engineering, he got the job in Multi National Company with huge package, but he decided to leave all this personal benefits for Civil Services and to serve the nation and society. He started preparing for the UPSC Exam in 2011.

Optional Paper

Mihir Patel opted Philosphy as his optional paper. Because it’s a very short subject and you don’t have to mug up things. This subject is very logical as it can be prepared in just a month and its high scoring paper.

Mihir Patel opted Gujarati medium for answering his Mains answer. But chose english medium for answering interview questions.

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Mihir Patel had given three attempts in 2012 ,2013 ,2014. In both his previous attempts he reached up to the interview and in this third attempt he cracked the UPSC Exam. His presentation style was not up to the mark in previous two attempts. In third attempt he worked hard to improve his answer- writing skill as it is necessary for Mains Exam.

Mihir Patel failed two times in Civil Services Exam but he never lost faith in himself and  he even got back to the reading on the result day of failure. And he kept reading with positive attitude as it takes time but UPSC always appreciates hard work.

Advice for Aspirants from Mihir Patel

  • Just believe in your self and you can surely achieve your aim one day
  • Continuity and consistency is the key to succeed this exam.
  • Don’t guess option randomly if you don’t have any knowledge of the question. Just leave that question blank.
  • If your quantitative skill is weak don’t take the paper for granted. At least give 2 to 3 mock papers.

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