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10 Uncommon Reasons for a Back Pain

Back pain symptoms aren’t due to a serious health issue such as arthritis or a fracture. In fact, the culprit could be as innocent as your posture, mattress or your favorite pair of shoes.

Some of the Most Uncommon Reasons for a Back Pain are:

  • Gadgets like smartphones, iPads, laptops: These days, most of us are either staring at our smartphone screens, laptops, iPads or some other gadget, but while this technology is extremely useful, it brings with it a host of ailments including back pain. The constant bending in an odd posture is a
    common cause for neck and back pain. Not only does the overuse of these gadgets cause eye strain, but it also causes repetitive stress on your back and neck causing pain. 
  • Your office chair or sofas at home: You could suffer from back pain as a result of staying in one position for an extended period of time, whether it’s sitting in an office chair, a driver’s seat, or standing in one place as a part of your job. The more pressure you place on your vertebral discs in your spine,
    the more they will wear out. The human body was meant to move, so to relieve and avoid pain, get up from your computer at least once every hour to take a short walk. Another important change you must make is to pick seats (in public places like a theatre) is to choose an aisle seat so that you can
    stretch your feet once every hour. This will not only help improve blood flow to your legs and back, but will also help correct your posture and avoid constant pressure on your vertebral disks (or spine).

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  • Stress and depression: For physical and emotional reasons, any type of stress and depression have been known to make back pain worse. Experts believe that it’s probably a combination of lifestyle
    and the fact that emotions can make pain feel worse. If exercise doesn’t bring help relieve stress, talk to your doctor about other approaches.
  • Smoking:  Cigarettes hurt more than just your heart and lungs. In fact, smoking deprives cells all over your body of oxygen, including those that control the motion of your back. Studies show that smokers are more than twice as likely to develop lower back pain than those who have never smoked. But apart from your back, smoking can cause a lot more damage.
  • Poor footwear: We all know that stilettos are not the best shoes for your back. But even a sensible pair of shoes can change your gait and lead to back pain if the soles are worn, so be sure to replace old shoes. Keep in mind that fit is most important to keep your footwear from causing back pain as well as foot pain.
  • A bad mattress: Your mattress is not only responsible for giving you a good night’s sleep but it can also be a leading cause for back pain. This is because when you lie down, your spine that is supposed to be well supported is strained on a mattress that is either too hard or very old. It is recommended that the mattress you choose should give you uniform support. You can gauge that by seeing to it that when you lie down there shouldn’t be any space between your body and the mattress. I recommend using a mattress that has medium firmness to avoid back pain. But probably the most important factor is the age of your mattress. If you’re sinking in when you lie down, it’s probably time to get a new one to help keep back pain away.

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  • Lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle and muscle weakness:Being sedentary can lead to weight gain and back pain symptoms. On the other hand, exercises gives you the muscle tone you need to support your back and keep it pain-free. Strengthening your back helps to reduce the stress on the spine and reduces chances of injury.
  • Poor posture or slouched sitting: When you sit, it is essential that you avoid slouching. This is basically keeping your back straight and not curving it. Leaning your head forward or slumping your shoulders tends to strain the muscles in your back, exert immense pressure on the center of your vertebral column and your lower back, leading to back pain. Ideally, your ears should be over your shoulders.  Make a conscious effort to maintain good posture during the day to ease or help prevent back pain.
  • Carrying a heavy shoulder bag or handbag: Anytime you have to balance the weight of a purse, shoulder bag, or even a heavy wallet in your back pocket, you change the curvature of your spine which can lead to back pain as they put additional load on the spine and could lead to lower back pain.
  • Sitting for long hours: Sitting is the new smoking and doing it constantly for 6 to 8 hours in a day puts undue stress on your spine, leading to a lot of biomechanical changes in your back. To avoid this make sure while sitting, you move all the way behind on the chair  and support your back completely. Also during standing or in jobs that involve repetitive bending/ lifting, take frequent breaks to allow your back some much needed rest.

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